Classified Professionals
Staffing Request Form
Please fill out one form for each classified professional position that you are requesting for your division/unit.
This form is to be submitted as an appendix in your program review each fiscal year. Please note: positions
vacated (e.g., through retirement or resignation) do not go through the annual Classified Prioritization Process.
To refill these positions, please work with your area manager.
Official Position Title Requested:
For official position title, please visit:
If the position you are requesting does not appear on this list, please provide proposed position title and job description.
Has this position been requested, but not granted, in the past?:
Please indicate if this is a request for/to:
New position hours per week months per year
Please attach proposed position title and job description if you are proposing a new position that does not appear on this
Increase of an existing position
from: 9, 10, 11 month to: 10, 11, 12 month
from: % to: %
Estimate Increase / Proposed Annual Salary Cost:
(assume step 1 for vacant position) $
Note: total cost of position will include salary + benefits.
Funding Source:
General %
Categorical %
Grant %
Grant name:
Why is this position necessary?
hat educational programs or institutional purposes does this position support? How does the request
relate specifically
to your Program Review, college plans (Strategic Plan, Education Master Plan, Facilities Master
Plan, Technology Plan), and/or Accreditation Recommendations?
Office Use Only
Rec. Date: ___________
Fiscal Year: __________
Program Review: _____
Where will the individual work? To whom will the person report? Are there any special equipment/facilities needs
to be considered?
What is the consequence of not funding this position?
What alternative approaches have been considered in meeting the programmatic demands of this request?
How will the campus community (students, classified professionals, faculty, and community) be positively
impacted by filling this position?
What other personnel currently provide support to this program and these students?
Requested by:
Date: Area Manager: Date:
Area Manager Notes/Response: