N1 Claim form (CPR Part 7) (01.02) Printed on behalf of The Court Service
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is open between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday. When corresponding with the court, please address forms or letters to the Court Manager and quote the claim number.
Claim Form
Amount claimed
Court fee
Solicitors costs
Total amount
Brief details of claim
name and
In the
for court use only
Claim No.
Issue date
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Statement of Truth
*(I believe)(The Claimant believes) that the facts stated in these particulars of claim are true.
* I am duly authorised by the claimant to sign this statement
signed position or office held
*(Claimant)(Litigation friend)(Claimant’s solicitor)
*delete as appropriate
Claim No.
(if signing on behalf of firm or company)
Particulars of Claim (attached)(to follow)
Full name
Name of claimant’s solicitor’s firm
Claimant’s or claimant’s solicitor’s address to
which documents or payments should be sent if
different from overleaf including (if appropriate)
details of DX, fax or e-mail.
Does, or will, your claim include any issues under the Human Rights Act 1998? Yes No