City of Troy
Stormwater ERU Credit Application
Facility Name:_____________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Phone:_________________________ Fax:_______________________________
Account Number:___________________________________________________
Site Information
Facility address (if different): ____________________________________________
Impervious Area: ____________________________ ERUs:__________________
Attachments (check all that are included):
____________ Impervious delineation with labels (buildings, driveways, etc.)
____________ Size and location of all stormwater structures
____________ Hydrologic calculations for undeveloped and developed land
____________ Drainage area map, including off-site areas draining through the
____________ Maintenance Management Plan
____________ Maintenance schedule of operations that affect the efficiency of
the structural control including mowing, sediment removal,
cleaning, planting, monitoring, watering, and channel restoration
____________ Maintenance Agreements
____________ NPDES Permit
Applicant should show activities that are completed that are to improve the post
construction stormwater quality or reduce permanent runoff control. This could
include identifying forested and grass buffer strips, infiltration trenches, bio-retention
area, or other areas that are for the express purpose of stormwater treatment or water
quality Improvement.
I hereby request consideration for a Stormwater ERU Credit. I certify that I have
authority to make such a request and authorization for this property. I further certify
that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
________________________________ ____________________________
Name (please print) Title
________________________________ ____________________________
Signature Date
Submit complete application and all data to:
Jillian A. Rhoades, P.E., City Engineer
Engineering Department
City of Troy
100 S. Market Street
Troy, Ohio 45373
Phone: 937-339-2641
Fax: 937-440-9423