City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex
Rental Form & Agreement
Applicant Information
Event Date (s):____________________________________________________________________________
Additional time needed for Set-Up and Break-down ___________________________________________________________________
Renter’s Name:_____________________________________________________
Organization Name:__________________________________________
Organization Type: (check all that apply)
Roping Soccer
Field Sport: ______________________
Other: __________________________
Name of Event: _____________________________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________
Cell: _______________________________
FAX: _______________________________
Please answer the following questions so that the City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex may better serve your
needs during your event:
How many participants do you expect for the event?
How many people total do you expect to attend the event?
How many animal participants do you anticipate on the facility grounds during event?
Will your event be open to the public?
Yes/ No
Will you be charging any fees associated with your event?
Yes/ No
If yes, for what? ____________________________________________________________
Will you have non-food vendors at your event? How Many? ________ Size? ____________
Yes/ No
Will your event impact traffic? What street (s)? __________________________________
Yes/ No
Will you need electrical connections? If yes, How many? _______ Where? ____________
Yes/ No
Do you plan on using shade or tent awnings?
If yes, how are they secured? ____________________ How Many?______ Size? _______
Will you be putting up signs or banners?
Yes/ No
How Many? ______ Size? _______ Where? _____________________________________
Does your event involve taking dogs off leash or a secured line?
Yes/ No
Will Overnight Camping or stabling be required?
Yes/ No
(# of hook-ups available- 50 RV Spaces @ $25/day- 30or50 amp, Water, Sewer, Wi-Fi;
# of stalls available- 50 covered @$15/night, 50 uncovered @$10/night)
How many times will you need the arena dragged __________?
Will you be requiring EMS Services?
Yes/ No
Will you be requiring/providing Security?
Yes/ No
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Reservation Information
Reservations can be made by completing this Rental Form and Agreement along with submitting the
Damage and Compliance Deposit. Forms can be emailed, mailed, or dropped off in person from 9 a.m.
to 4 p.m. weekdays at City of Socorro’s Heritage & Visitors Center, 217 Fisher Ave., Socorro, NM, 87801.
Deposit can be paid by check made payable to “City of Socorro”.
50% of total rental fee due upon the date of reservation with the balance due within (30) days prior to
the event date. Event dates will not be scheduled until Rental Agreement is signed and submitted and a
deposit is made.
An additional minimum Damage and Compliance deposit of $300 is required for all groups. This deposit
will be returned approximately 15 days after your event if the facility is returned in to its original
condition, and arrival/departure of park was completed within the hours scheduled. If any rules or
regulations are violated, part or all of the deposit may be forfeited.
Any changes made to the rental information, after approval is issued, requires a written request to City
of Socorro staff with a signed approval at least (14) days prior to event date.
Renter shall submit a list of ALL vendors involved or present at the event no later than (7) days prior to
event. A vendor constitutes any entity selling or providing goods or services separate from the event.
There is a per vendor fee associated with any vendors selling or providing goods or services on the event
There are set discounts for youth groups or non-profit groups; however, on a case by case basis, through
a special request to management, City of Socorro staff may reduce fees accordingly.
Insurance All events are encouraged to provide their own Special Event Insurance coverage. If
providing own, City of Socorro requires that renters provide proof of insurance in the amount of
$1,000,000 general liability coverage with a separate endorsement naming City of Socorro as
additional insured.
Applicants Initials ______
Cancellation and Refunds
Cancellation must be in writing no later than 60 days prior to reserved date.
The deposit is non-refundable within 60 days of reserved date. However, if applicant chooses to
reschedule event for another date the deposit may, at City of Socorro’s discretion, be applied to the new
There will be a 10% administration fee of the total rental agreement amount deducted from the deposit
for any cancellation of up to 60 days prior to the event.
City of Socorro reserves the right to cancel any permits or event, or to close the facility to use, if weather
or safety conditions make use of facility hazardous to the user, the public or is potentially damaging to
Applicants Initials ______
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City of Socorro Rodeo & Soccer Complex Rules and Regulations
City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex is a multi-use facility which also includes covered and
uncovered rodeo arenas, sports fields, RV Park, stalls and a cross country track. Multiple user groups
may be using the park and equestrian facility at the same time. Please be courteous to others who
may be using the grounds at the same time as your event.
Renter is responsible for complete cleanup of the facility and leaving the facility in good condition.
No clean out of horse/livestock trailers in the parking area is allowed. Please dispose of all
manure in the appropriate areas provided.
Please clean up after your dogs and dispose in the appropriate areas.
Please dispose of all used feed or bedding products in appropriate areas.
Please dispose of all garbage in the appropriate garbage cans or dumpsters.
No additional material may be added to the footing of the any of the arena.
Overnight parking is not allowed at the City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex without specific
approval of the General Manager and must be requested at the time of reservation of the facility.
One day events must move off the facility grounds immediately following your event. No overnight
camping or stabling unless otherwise requested, approved and paid for.
Event apparatuses may be assembled the night prior to event, with approval, provided that they do not
interfere with another event/renter.
Dogs must be a leash at all times, unless specific for a dog event, on facility grounds.
The City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex may be reserved up to a year in advance of the date
requested on a first-come, first-served basis. City reserves the right to request a reserved arena or field
and/or date be moved, depending on the event, to accommodate for a larger user group needing a
multiple arena/facility rental.
PA Sound systems including music is allowed as long it does not exceed 60 db averages at the
perimeter of the Complex property lines or extend outside the hours of 8 am to 9 pm. Contact City of
Socorro offices for more information if you are concerned about this restriction.
Direct cost and refundable damage/compliance fees apply. Direct costs include, but are not limited to;
dumpsters and/or garbage clean up, portable toilets and park staff time required for any event.
Personal BBQs are allowed in designated areas only.
Sale of food and/or alcohol on the City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex is prohibited.
City of Socorro requires that all advertising and flyers regarding events which are held on City property
be submitted for approval prior to their release. Please allow up to (15) days for the approval process.
All attendees at events must comply with the City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex Rules and
Regulations and with the directions and instructions given by Complex Staff.
Failure to comply with, or any violation of rules may result in termination of your event and forfeiture of
Applicants Initials ______
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City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex Fee Schedule
Amenities include rest rooms, water, electricity, PA system, ample trailer parking and secure areas with locking
gates. Soccer fields are not to be used for animal activities.
Please select all facilities that will be used for event:
Rental Fees*: All fees are a per day use
$300 per day for Covered Rodeo arena** / *** $___________
$150 per day for Outdoor arena $___________
$300 per day for Convention Center*** $___________
$300 per day for Soccer Fields*** $___________
$300 Damage & Compliance Deposit (mandatory charge) $____________
$50 per 4 hours Rodeo Arena Practice Fee (applies to either arena) $____________
$100 Local Youth Group Rodeo & Soccer Complex Events $____________
$10 per 4 hours Local Youth Group Rodeo Arena Practice Fee (applies to either arena) $____________
*Does not include fees collected for Additional Items; see below, the fees for Complex rental still apply.
**Includes two arena work-ups; one immediately prior to event and one at renter’s request.
***There is a $30 per day discount for events renting either the Covered Rodeo Arena, Convention Center orr Soccer Fields for
more than two (2) consecutive days.
Additional Items:
$25 per RV hook up $____________
$15 per Covered Stall $____________
$10 per Uncovered Stall $____________
Emergency Medical Services $120/First hour or any portion thereof; $90/2
hour & any whole hour
thereafter; $22/15min increments after 1
hour $____________
Police/Security - $25/hour/officer $____________
$100 per Vendor Space $____________
- includes space for a trailer or 10 x 10 +/- space used for selling or providing products or services for profit unrelated to
event. All vendors must obtain prior approval of Event Host and abide by City of Socorro’s Rules and Regulations.
$100 per day for additional Tractor Work $___________
$25 per day for PA System $___________
$25 per night for Covered Arena Lights $____________
$25 Event Attendant per hour $____________
$50 Complex or Maintenance Staff per hour $____________
5% of gross ticket sales (or a minimum of $500 whichever is greater) as a Complex Rental Fee $____________
- if Complex is used for events charging an admission fee to the event.
*****The City of Socorro reserves the right to negotiate fees on a per event basis*****
Subtotal $_____________
Event Total Due $____________
(50% of this Total Due amount is required for a deposit to hold requested date(s).)
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Covered Rodeo Arena*
(Small Outdoor Arena near Rodeo Arena included)
Outdoor Arena
Soccer Fields
Cross Country Track
Under penalty of perjury, I (“Permittee”) declare that I have examined the rules above information and to the best of
my knowledge and belief it is true, correct and complete. I understand the rules and regulations pertaining to the use
of the City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex; (1) Permittee will be responsible for all injuries caused by such use;
(2) Hours will be strictly observed and if time is extended beyond that specified, it is understood that additional
charges may be necessary; (3) Permittee shall be responsible for reimbursing the City for any loss or damage to the
City property caused by such use; (4) In consideration of participation as specified at location shown on the above
dates and times, permittee does hereby release and hold harmless City of Socorro and its staff or any City of Socorro
representative from any and all liability or claims for damage or injury to person or property of the undersigned due
to permittee’s use of said facility, by reason of any act or omission by the City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex, or
any of its officers, agents or employees or the condition of its property; (5) City of Socorro is not responsible for any
loose animal or damage or injury caused by a loose animal; (6) City of Socorro is not responsible for any damage or
theft of or stolen property; (7) Alcohol sales will be determined on a per event basis; only alcohol purchased at the
Complex may be consumed in designated areas; (8) No firearms*, explosives** or article deemed hazardous
because of flammability or deemed hazardous or the like under any applicable environmental law, ordinance or
regulation shall be brought into the complex. (Except those carried by law enforcement personnel).
*Except those firearms used for Cowboy Mounted Shooting Events or Contract Acts.
**Special permissions from the City will be necessary for any Contract Acts, Openings Ceremonies, Clown/Funnyman
performances, etc. that have the need for use of fireworks/explosive materials.
The City of Socorro shall not be responsible for liability incurred as a result of any other party’s acts or
omissions in connection with the use of the facilities. Any liability incurred by the City of Socorro is subject to
the limitations and immunities of the New Mexico Tort Claims Act, Sections 41-4-1, (et seq.), 1978 as
The City of Socorro reserves the right to cancel any event for Event Coordinators, Staff or Participants failing
to comply with these guidelines and terms and conditions. The reservation permit will not be approved until all
paperwork and payment have been submitted.
I am authorized to sign on behalf of Permittee, if applicable. I have read (and initialed) and agree to comply
with all the above Rules and Regulations for the following event:
___________________________________________________________ _____________________
Name of Event Date(s) of Event
_____________________________________________________________ on ______________
Printed Name of Responsible Person (and Authorizing Entity, if applicable) Date
Signature of Responsible Person
City of Socorro Rodeo & Sports Complex
1 Rodeo Road, Socorro, NM
PO Drawer K, Socorro, NM 87801
575.838.7517 *
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