City of Newport News
2400 Washington Avenue, Newport News, Va 23607
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Application and Permit for PORTABLE STORAGE CONTAINER
Property Address:
Tax I denti f i cati on Number :
Property Owner’s Name (s):
A ddr ess: Phone:
Applicant Name (s):
A ddr ess: Phone:
Appl i cati on Date: Del i very Date of Contai ner :
A nti capated Removal Date of Contai ner :
Location of portable container:
Portable Storage Container Company:
Contact Information:
* Only one (1) portable storage container is permitted which shall be no larger than 8’ X 8.6’ X 16’ .
Containers cannot be stacked on property, and cannot be stored more than 16 days without a permit obtained
from the Department of Codes Compliance (757) 926-8871.
I cer t i f y that I have r ead the Ci t y of Newpor t News Z oni ng Ordinance regulations governing the use of
por table container s and that placement of this container will not violate those r egulations.
Signature of property owner/agent Date Signature of Applicant Date
Approved By Date
This form may be printed blank or
filled in online and then printed.
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