No Fee Form B
Due Date: December 31st
1 Revised November 2019
City of Morgantown
Business Registration Application
Current Business Tax Structure:
Business License Fee: No Fee
Occupational Withholding Tax: 2 Percent
Net Profit License Fee: 2 Percent
1. Business Information:
If rental income, how many units? (Continue to Section 2 AND complete Page 3)
2. Employees
Will you have Payroll employees working within the City Limits of Morgantown?: Yes No
Number of Employees, if applicable:
Will you have contract (1099) labor in Morgantown?: Yes No
Check here if there are no changes to your address or contact information (Skip to section 5)
Check here if there are changes to your contact information and complete sections 3 and 4 (only
mark areas of change.)
Signature of Applicant: Date:
Print Applicant Name:
*All information beyond this point is confidential and not subject to Open Records Requests.*
Name of Business:
Job Site or Business Address within City Limits (Physical Address Only):
Local Phone Number:
Description of Business:
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No Fee Form B
Due Date: December 31st
2 Revised November 2019
3. Financial Information
Accounting Period per Federal Return: Calendar Year Fiscal Year End Date:
Accounting Firm or Individual Name: Phone:
4. Mailing Information
General Mailing Name and Address:
Quarterly Occupational Tax Mailing (if different):
Net Profit License Fee Mailing (if different):
5. Statement of Responsibility
I, the undersigned, being the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer of any other person holding in an equivalent position
of this business entity subject to Ordinance 2008-05 understand that I shall be personally and individually liable, both jointly and
severally, for any tax required to be withheld from compensation paid to one or more employees of this business entity, and
neither the corporate dissolution or withdrawal of the business entity from the City, nor the cessation of holding any corporate
office, shall discharge the liability of any person; provided that the personal and individual liability shall apply to each or every
person holding the corporate office at the time the tax becomes or became obligated. I further understand that no person shall
be personally and individually liable under this subsection who had no authority to collect, truthfully account for, or pay over any
tax imposed by Ordinance 2008-05 at the time the taxes imposed by this ordinance become or became due.
6. Signature of Responsible Party:
Full Legal Name (Print): Phone:
Signature: Email:
Any business contracted by the City of Morgantown must have Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation
with the City of Morgantown added as additionally insured.
Social Security Number of Business Owner:
Business Federal ID Number:
No Fee Form B
Due Date: December 31st
3 Revised November 2019
Do you have multiple locations within Morgantown? If so, list all locations (physical addresses) that your business
operates that pertain to this business license. (This does include all Rental housing structure locations) An
apartment complex is considered as one structure (Write how many units next to address), individual structures
(mobile homes, houses) should be listed separately.