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City of Marietta Affidavit for Homestead Exemption
Where Property is Owned by a Trust
I do hereby swear or affirm that the information and statements contained herein are true and correct to the best
of my knowledge. This Affidavit is submitted in support of my request that the City of Marietta Tax Office grant a
Homestead Exemption to me as the applicant and beneficiary of the trust for the property located at:
_____________________________________________ ______________________ _________
(Street Address) (City) (Zip)
The above described property is currently owned or title vested in _____
(Name of Trust)
____ as evidenced by a certain deed recorded in
Cobb County Superior Court, Deed Book _________, Page _________, dated _________________.
I, the applicant, am the beneficiary of the above named Trust and the party legally entitled to receive the
Homestead Exemption for the above described property. I resided at the above described property on January 1
of the year for which this application is made and declare this to be my legal domicile.
I understand Homestead Exemption will be granted or denied based on the statements contained herein and those
on the CITY OF MARIETTA HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION APPLICATION. I further understand that, by law, the Tax
Office must be notified in the event that the individual(s) who qualified for this exemption becomes deceased, no
longer resides at or owns the subject property or otherwise becomes ineligible for the Homestead Exemption. If
any of the information changes, I will inform the City of Marietta Tax Office in writing of the change in the year the
change occurs.
I declare that I do not receive a Homestead Exemption on any other property in Georgia or in any other state either
individually or by virtue of a trust. I declare under penalty of perjury and other penalties of state and local laws that
I am eligible to claim the local Homestead Exemption available to homeowners.
Applicant’s Name: _____
Address : _____
Phone Number: ____ Email: _____
I do hereby swear or affirm under penalty of law that this information is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge. (Note: the making of false and/or fraudulent statements may subject one to criminal prosecution under
applicable provisions of Georgia law, including but not limited to O.C.G.A. 16-10-20, which upon conviction carries a
fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment of one to five years, or both.)
Applicant’s signature Date ______
Notary Public My Commission Expires:
205 Lawrence Street P. O. Box 609
Marietta, Georgia 30060 Marietta, GA 30061
Phone (77) 794-5680
Fax (770) 794-5685
RE: Instructions on filing for a Homestead Exemptions for Property in a Trust
In order to apply for or receive basic Homestead Exemption on property titled in the name of a
Trust, a Homestead Exemption application with a Sworn Affidavit must be submitted to the City of
Marietta Tax Office by April 1 of the taxable year. Applications can be accepted by mail or in person.
However, if you mail the form, we recommend you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you
wish to receive a signed copy as proof of receipt. (If you mail the form and we do not receive it, you
will not be granted the exemption.)
The name of the trust must appear on the deed to the property. The applicant must be an individual
who is the beneficiary of the Trust and must occupy and claim the property as their legal residence on
January 1 to be eligible for any Homestead Exemption for that tax year. If there are current
exemptions, they must be reapplied for under the Trust name.
In addition to the basic Homestead Exemption, homeowners who are disabled veterans or the un-
remarried surviving spouse, the un-remarried surviving spouse of a firefighter or peace officer killed
in the line of duty, age 62 or older, or 100% disabled may qualify for other exemptions.
All applicants must be legal residents or have legal authorization from the U.S. Immigration and
Naturalization Service to qualify for exemptions.
An exemption form is enclosed for your filing convenience. Be sure to complete all of the information
that applies to you. The deadline for filing for the current year exemption is April 1. Even if you
qualify for any or all of the exemptions, you will not receive the exemptions for that year if you do not
meet the deadline.
Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are located on the first
floor of Marietta City Hall, 205 Lawrence Street and can be reached by phone at 770-794-5680.
You must also file for an exemption with Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office.
All returns (change of ownership) must be filed with the Cobb County Tax Commissioners Office,
736 Whitlock Avenue, Suite 100, Marietta, Georgia, 770-528-8600.