City of Marco Island Fertilizer Permit Application
1. Today’s Date (mm/dd/yyyy): _______________________
2. Address of property on which fertilizer is to be applied:_____________________________________
3. Date of fertilizer application (mm/dd/yyyy), must be at least one business day prior to submitting permit:
4. Property Owner/Occupant Name: __________________________________________________
5. Person/Company Applying Fertilizer:_______________________________________________
6. Cellphone/Emergency phone number of Person/Company applying fertilizer: _______________
7. If a Professional Landscaper - please provide City Registration Number: ___________________
Ordinance Regulations/Rules:
By providing your name and telephone number, below, you are acknowledging that you will abide by the
requirements, listed immediately following this statement, of Chapter 18 of the Code, also known as the
Fertilizer Ordinance:
Fertilizer shall not be applied, spilled, or otherwise deposited on any impervious surfaces or waterbody. Any
fertilizer applied, spilled, or deposited, either intentionally or accidentally, on any impervious surface shall be
immediately and completely removed.
Fertilizer shall not be applied within ten (10) feet of any pond, stream, storm drain, watercourse, lake, canal or
wetland as defined by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, or from the top of a seawall.
Spreader deflector shields are required when fertilizing adjacent to those areas or impervious surfaces.
Phosphorus fertilizer shall not be applied to turf or landscape plants unless a soil or tissue deficiency has been
verified by an approved test. Where a deficiency has been verified, phosphorous fertilizer shall not be applied at
application rates that exceed 0.25 lbs. P
/1000 ft
per application and not to exceed 0.50 lbs. P
/1000 ft
per year.
Fertilizer applied to turf or landscape plants within the city must contain no less than 50% slow release nitrogen
per guaranteed analysis label as guaranteed analysis and label are defined in chapter 576, Florida Statutes.
Total Yearly Applications. Fertilizers shall not be applied more than four (4) times during any one calendar year
to a single area. No more than four (4) pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet shall be applied to any turf or
landscape area in any calendar year.
8. Person/Company completing this permit: _______________________________________________
9. Cellphone/Emergency phone number for Person/Company completing this permit: _______________
Please e-mail the completed application to fertilizer.permit@cityofmarcoisland.com
Please e-mail the completed application to fertilizer.permit@cityofmarcoisland.com