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City of Manassas
Manassas Regional Airport
Hangar Waiting List Policy
It is the policy of the Manassas Regional Airport Commission to ensure that an active list is
available to those individuals serious about renting an aircraft storage space and keep the wait
times reasonable for those placed on the list. The Manassas Regional Airport owns and maintains
156 hangars, located on the east and west side of the airport. The Manassas Regional Airport
must maintain a reputation for consistency, openness, and transparency with the stakeholders it
Hangars are intended for use by individuals, partnerships, or corporations that own, or have
under exclusive lease, one (1) or more aircraft. Any individual, partnership, or corporation may
apply to be on the waiting list. Applicants do not have to be in possession of an aircraft to be on
the list. However, the applicant must be in possession of an aircraft within thirty (30) days of
signing a lease agreement. This aircraft must be registered, be in the process of being registered
by the FAA and the DOAV, or leased. A copy of the aircraft registration will be required within
30 days of executing a hangar lease agreement. If the aircraft is being leased, the tenant must
provide a signed copy to the Airport for their review.
A. Waiting List
1. Individuals, partnerships, or corporations will be required to submit an application in
order to be placed on the waiting list. Fixed Based Operators (FBO) can only place their
name on a waiting list for a commercial hangar.
a. NOTE: As requested, individuals currently on the waiting list will be required to
submit a new application in order to provide current contact information. The
individual’s spot on the waiting list will not change.
2. Applicants can place their name on multiple waiting lists for each size and location of
hangar. Waiting lists are maintained for East T-Hangars, West T-Hangars, and Corporate
Use Box Hangars.
3. Only aircraft owned, co-owned, or leased by the applicant will be authorized to occupy
the hangar. A hangar can have more than one aircraft or tenant if size permits. Both
tenants will be required to sign a dual occupancy lease with the initial applicant.
Subleasing or transferring of a hangar is prohibited.
4. An applicant may be denied hangar space if the applicant has been or is currently in
default of any other lease with the City, or has violated the Airport’s Rules and
Manassas Regional Airport Hangar Waiting List Policy
Revised 6-11-19 2
A. Waiting List (Continued)
5. Applicant will be removed from waiting list(s) under the following conditions:
a. Failure to respond to one (1) offer for hangar space;
b. Failure to provide current address and phone number; and/or
c. At the applicant’s request.
6. Upon request, applicants will be required to update their contact information. Failure to
provide this information will result removal from the waiting list.
B. Notification of an Available Hangar Space
1. When a hangar becomes available, Airport Staff will execute the following notifications:
a. The individual will be sent an email with the hangar size, time of availability, and
the rental amount.
b. The individual will be called and should no one answer, be left a voicemail with
the hangar size, time of availability, and the rental amount.
2. The individual will have 5 working days from the initial notification to respond to the
offer. Should the individual respond, the individual will be provided required paperwork
and payment information.
a. Individuals not in possession of an aircraft or will not be in possession of an
aircraft within thirty (30) days will be considered as a refusal and placed at the
bottom of the list if so desired.
b. If the individual does not respond or refuses the offer, they will be taken off the
list. Any applicant who is removed from the list will need to reapply in order to be
placed back on the list.
3. After a response or no response from the initial offer, Airport Staff will move to the next
person on the waiting list. The notification process will begin again until an eligible
individual secures a hangar.
East Side
West Side
Regular Units 42' Door
End Units 42' Door
Regular Units 40' Door
End Units with Office 40' Door
Regular Units 45' Door
Regular Units 48' Door
End Units 48' Door
Box Hangar 60' by 50'
Box Hangar 60' by 60'
Monthly rent includes utilities unless the unit is individually metered.
Questions? Call or email Airport Operations at 703-361-5488 or
Form must be returned to Airport Operations
The applicant must complete the entire application and sign the bottom in order for the application to be valid.
Applicant Information
Last First
Phone 1: (______)_____________________________
Cell Work Home
Phone 2: (______)_____________________________
Cell Work Home
Hangar Preferences
Note: West Side Hangars only have 42 Foot Units
1) Location:
East Side West Side First Available
2) T-Hangars:
40-Foot 42-Foot 45-Foot 48 Foot 42 Foot End Unit 48 Foot End Unit
First Available (No Preference)
3) Box Hangars:
60’ by 50’ 60’ by 60’ First Available
4) Office Space:
I require office space I do not need office space
In signing, I agree to abide by the conditions and the Hangar Waiting List Policy. I understand that I will be
required to update my contact information with Airport Administration. Failure to do so may result in me being
removed from the hangar waiting list. I further understand that being placed on the hangar waiting list does not
guarantee me a hangar, only providing the opportunity to be contacted for a hangar offer.
Applicant Signature: Date:
City of
Airport Director’s Office
Revised 6-21-18
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