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Receipt #
City of Kuna
Senior Center
& City Hall Parking Lot Rental
751 W 4
P.O. BOX 13
KUNA, ID 83634
Phone: (208) 387-7726
(208) 387- 5546
E-mail: cityclerk@kunaid.gov
Date of Application: ___________________
Contact Person: _____________________________________________
Phone: ______________ Email:___________________________
Type of Event: _______________________________________________
Date & Time of Event: ________________________________________
Organization: _______________________________________________
(If Applicable)
Address: ____________________________________________________
(City, State, Zip Code)
Senior Center Rules:
No alcohol without a State and County approved liquor license with a valid catering
permit issued by the City.
No Smoking allowed in the building.
No use of the kitchen, dishes or utensils. Furnish your own supplies.
Building shall be left in clean and serviceable condition. Furnish your own trash bags.
Return tables and chairs in original locations.
Keys must be picked up before 5 p.m. on the day of the event or last business day prior to
the event.
Return keys in the drop box located at City Hall.
After Hours Permit Requires:
A safety plan reviewed by local law enforcement prior to issuance.
Public Event Requires:
Special Event Plan (Contact Clerks Office)
Facility Cleaning Fee (if facility or area is not cleaned after use) is $75.00 per hour
______________________________________________ ____________
Applicant Signature of Acceptance and Responsibility Date
Updated 02.07.2018
Senior Center
City Hall Parking Lot
Event Type:
City Hall Parking Lot
$50 North Section
$50 Center Section
$50 South Section
Rates are per day
Multiple sections can be
Picnic Tables for Parking
$25 each set of 10 tables
$5 per hr (covered
Senior Center
$75 first 2 hours
$25 each additional hr
$75 per hr (if facility is
not cleaned after use)
After Hours Permit
$10 up to 15 people
$25 up to 35 people
$50 up to 100 people
$100 over 100 people
___________Fee Total
Updated 07.12.2018
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