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City of Greenacres
Petition to Abandon or Vacate
Instructions to Applicant:
Answer all questions completely.
A filing fee in the amount of $220.00 and advertising fees in the amount of $200.00 for
Residential Uses OR $550.00 and advertising fees in the amount of $200.00 for Non-
Residential Uses must accompany this application. Since advertising costs vary, the final
amount will be reconciled upon receipt of invoice from the newspaper.Provide required
attachments (warranty deed, survey and plans) as shown on the attached checklist.
Answer all questions completely.
The undersigned hereby petitions the City of Greenacres to vacate, abandon, discontinue and
close and to renounce and disclaim any use and
introductory description of petition site right of the City to any land in connection therewith.
The undersigned hereby certify:
1. Legal Description of the petition site. (Exhibit # ).
2. That the title of interest of the City and the Public in and to the (Easement, Plat, or
Right-of-Way) was acquired and is evidenced by (Plat # and
Identification, or type of Deed) recorded in (Plat Book # , Page
# ,Road Book # , and Page # , or
Official Record Book # ), Public
Records of Palm Beach County, Florida.
3. That attached hereto is a sealed Survey sketch accurately drawn to show the
described (Easement, Plat, Right-of-Way) to be abandoned, showing boundaries of
abutting properties to the site, all encroachments, drainage and/or utility easements,
and existing structures. (Exhibit # ).
4. That attached hereto is a location map which clearly and legibly identifies the location
of the petition site in relation to the nearest public right-of-way and all affected
properties. (Exhibit # ).
5. That attached hereto is a listing which clearly and legibly identifies the ownership,
includes correct mailing addresses and legal description of the affected properties.
(Exhibit # ).
6. That attached hereto is an affidavit attesting to the validity of the ownership listing of
the affected properties. (Exhibit # ).
7. That attached hereto is the approval of, or consent to, this petition by Palm Beach
County, the utilities providing service to or within the petition site and/or the drainage
district having jurisdiction over the petition site. (Exhibit # ).
See instruction sheets for explanation for each paragraph
8. That following constitutes a complete and accurate schedule of all owners abutting the
petition site:
Description of Property
The owners above have signed a notarized statement consenting to the abandonment of public
right-of-way and those consents are attached hereto and made a part hereof. (Exhibit
# ).
9. That the undersigned certify that in the event this petition is granted, the abandonment
of the subject right-of-way will prevent no other property owner from having access to
and from their property and no other property owner in the vicinity will be adversely
10.That the undersigned certify the petition site is not a part of any State or Federal
highway and was not acquired or dedicated for State and Federal highway purposes;
and that such right-of-way is under the control and jurisdiction of the City of
11. That the petitioner’s ownership and/or interest in and to the petition site is evidenced
by an instrument recorded in Official Record Book ,
Page , Public Records of Palm Beach County, Florida. A certified
copy of that source instrument is attached hereto. (Exhibit # ).
12. That attached hereto and made a part hereof is evidence of payment of all current
taxes on said property. (Exhibit # ).
13. The undersigned submits as grounds and reasons in support of this petition the
following: (Exhibit # ).
Signature of Petitioner Name of Corporation
Print Petitioner’s Name Address
Indicate Position
Of Corporation
If petitioner is a Home Owners Association or Condominium Association, attach
notarized authorization by Board of Directors to submit petition and provide evidence
of Association’s authority to increase common areas
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