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This checklist is designed to expedite permit application processing by ensuring that all required
documentation is submitted with your application. Submit two (2) signed copies of this checklist along with
one (1) copy of the permit application and two (2) copies of the following required information.
Two (2) copies of a survey or site plan showing all property lines, buildings, easements, streets and
bodies of water abutting the property, and the type, height, location and materials of the proposed
Easement waivers from all utility companies if fence is to be located in an easement.
Homeowners Association approval.
General Information:
Fences within the front yard, forward of the building or home, may be three (3) feet high if solid wood
or masonry or four (4) feet high if open chain link. Please note that the front property line is often not
the edge of the road pavement.
Fences in other areas of the property may be six (6) feet high. Fence and wall height shall be measured
from the undisturbed natural grade of the ground upon which the fence is to be installed. Where the
code calls for a minimum height, it shall be measured from the highest grade adjacent to the wall. When
the fence abuts a sidewalk, the height is measured from the sidewalk. Note: there may be situations
where the natural lay of the land is above the elevation of the sidewalk; such cases will be reviewed on a
case by case basis.
Fences located on the side yard that abuts a right of way, referred to as side corner, shall be located a
minimum of 1.5 feet inside the property line. All fences to be erected inside of the property lines.
Pool fences must be a minimum of four (4) feet in height, non climbable with a self closing, self latching
pedestrian gate that swings away from the pool.
Barbed wire, for residential uses and other injurious type materials for all uses are prohibited.
Specific Requirements:
Call 811. The contractor is responsible for having underground utilities located, and is liable for any
damages to utility lines caused by digging the holes for the posts.
Specify if the fence is to protect or surround a pool, at the present time or in the future.
For zero lot line developments, a gate is typically required to be located in the wall maintenance
easement next to the neighbors home.
Inspections: When the fence is completely installed, request a final inspection.
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