City of Greenacres
5800 Melaleuca Lane Greenacres, FL 33463
Phone: 561-642-2053 Email:
This checklist will help expedite your Business Tax Receipt. Please be sure to include the items as indicated
below along with a copy of this checklist. Missing documents may delay your processing time.
All Businesses must include:
City of Greenacres Business Tax Application
Palm Beach County Business Tax Application. The county requires their application to be signed by
the City of Greenacres prior to submitting it to the county. For further county requirements and fees
contact the Tax Collector at 561-355-2272.
Business tax fee as determined by the type of business.
Proof of registered business name, if other than your own full legal name.
Fictitious Name, or Trademark from the State of Florida Division of Corporations. For information
or to file an application visit
Copy of State License, if business is regulated by a state agency, for example: Department of
Business & Professional Regulation, Department of Health, Department of Agriculture & Consumer
Federal Employer Identification number or Confidential Release of Social Security Number and
Statement of Purpose affidavit.
For all home day care or home health care businesses a life safety inspection is to be completed
and paid prior to issuance of the Business Tax receipt.
Additional Contacts:
Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation (850-487-1395).
Palm Beach County Dept. of Health for Child Care Facilities (561-840-4500).
State of Florida Dept. of Health (850-488-0595).
Palm Beach County Construction Industry Licensing Board (561-233-5525).
State of Florida, Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (800-435-7352) for food outlets, auto repair,
health and dance studios, telemarketers and travel agencies.
Division of Hotel & Restaurants (850-487-1395) for restaurants and mobile food unit operators.
State of Florida Office of Financial Regulation (850-410-9805) for banks, mortgage brokers, finance
companies, and stockbrokers.