City of Greenacres
Job Address Date
1. Attach two (2) copies of the AHRI Certificate of Product Rating
2. Air handler unit must be marked with model type and kilowatt of heat kit.
3. Compressor must be labeled outside, indicating address and unit number.
4. Pull box amperage must be labeled.
5. When new air conditioning unit is completely installed, request for a final inspection.
Special Note: Owner-Builders may not obtain A/C Change-out Permits. Federal Law (Title VI of the Clean Air Act)
prohibits the venting of refrigerant into the atmosphere. A/C contractors have the training and equipment to recover
refrigerant, so only A/C contractors may obtain A/C Replacement (change-out) Permits.
Air Handler Unit (mark the ones that apply):
Inside closet
Inside Garage
Inside Attic
New AMP Disconnect at air handler
Clear space to appliance in attic
Condenser (mark the ones that apply):
On Ground
On Roof
On Wall
New concrete slab or stand
New AMP Disconnect or Breaker
Disconnect switch accessible
Hurricane strap to code
Ultraviolet armaflex and paint
Package Unit (mark the ones that apply) :
On ground
On Roof
New refrigerant lines
Emergency float shut off switch
Curb adaptor or Dog House
Mark all that apply below
Reconnect to Existing Ductwork
New Thermostat M#
New Drain Pan
New Condensate Pump 115V or
New Drain Line
Air Probe Sanitizer
New System
Make and Model of New Air Handler
Make and Model of New Compressor
Seer of New Unit
Kilowatts of Heat Strip
Old System
Make and Model of Air Handler
Make and Model of Compressor