City of Coventry Local List of Heritage Assets nomination form
Name and location of your candidate heritage asset (if necessary, please provide a photograph and a map
showing its location):
1. WHAT IS IT? Is it one of the following? (select one):
a building or group of buildings
a monument or site (an area of archaeological remains or a structure other than a building)
a place (e.g. a street, park, garden or natural space)
a landscape (an area defined by visual features or character, e.g. a city centre, village, suburb or field
2. WHY IS IT LOCALLY VALUED? Indicate what is it about the asset that provides its interest, and why it is valued
locally. Please complete one or more of these categories.
Historic: It is important to understanding an association with a person, event, episode of history, or local
industry. This might be an illustrative interest (it illustrates an aspect of the area’s past that makes an
important contribution to its identity or character), or an associative interest (it connects us to people and
events that shaped the identity or character of the area).
Artistic: It makes an important contribution to the positive look of the area either by design or fortuitously.
This might include artistic interest (it includes artistic endeavour to communicate meaning or use of design
(including landscape design) to enhance appearance) or architectural interest (an example of an architectural
style, a building of particular use, a technique of building, or use of materials).
Community: It is important to the identity, cohesion, spiritual life or memory of all or part of the community.
This might include commemorative or symbolic interest, that reflect meanings of a place for the people who
relate to it.
Evidence: It is an important resource for understanding and learning about the area’s history. This might
include archaeological interest firm evidence of potential to reveal more about the human past through
further study.
3. WHAT ELSE COULD MAKE ITS LOCAL SIGNIFICANCE SPECIAL? Indicate why any of the following features make the
heritage significance of the asset stand out above the surrounding environment:
Age … Is it particularly old, or of a
date that is significant to the local
Rarity … Is it unusual in the area or
a rare survival of something that
was once common?
Integrity … Is it largely complete or
in a near to original condition?
Group value … Is it part of a group
that have a close historic, aesthetic
or communal association?
Coventry’s identity … Is it
important to the identity or
character of the city or a particular
part of it? (see the Local List
Other … Is there another way you
think it has special local value?
Please send the completed form to heritage@coventry.gov.uk