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City of Alamo Heights
Certificate of Occupancy Application
Community Development Services Department
6116 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209
o: (210) 826-0516 f: (210) 832-2299
Business Address & Suite:
Business Name: Same as DBA
Business Owner/Manager (Individual-not company) Name:
Business Owner/Manager secondary Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip Code:
Phone #: Fax #: Email:
TX Drivers License #:
Sales Tax ID #: Tax Exempt #:
Property Owner Name:
Property Owner Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip Code:
Phone #: Fax #: Email:
Please Check Only One:
New Tenant(FD/BI) Expanding/Increasing Lease Space (FD/BI)
Existing Business/Initial Certificate of Occupancy* (FD/BI) Existing Business, New Owner* (N/A)
Existing Business Owner/New Business Name* (BI)
“Existing business” in Alamo Heights since *________________
I hereby certify that I have read and examined this application and know the same to be true and correct. I have
answered the questions on the back of this form to the best of my knowledge. I further certify that the structure and/or
space within which is proposed for occupancy or is currently occupied complies with codes in effect at the time of
occupancy or currently adopted codes. The granting of a license/certificate does not presume to give authority to violate
or cancel the provisions of any other state or local ordinances regulating construction, the performance of construction or
the use of any land or buildings. Any conditions which may pose fire hazard and/or life safety concerns may be required
to be brought into compliance with currently adopted codes. All application fees for Certificate of Occupancy are non-
refundable. This certificate will not be issued until all other permits, fees, and building inspections have been completed, if
Applicant Name (print): Date:
Applicant Signature: Property Owner Signature:
For Office Use Only
Zoning : Sales Tax Jurisdiction:
The proposed land use is / is not permitted. Permitted Use (Per Table 3-8): .
Building Official Signature: Date:
Schedule Inspections: Fire Building
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Provide a brief description of the proposed use of the building, space, or land:
Section 1: Commercial or Industrial Uses Only
What is the square footage of lease space?
Please Check:
Is there an active building permit for this location? YES NO
(If yes: all construction must be completed and permit inspections approved prior to CofO inspection request)
What was the previous use of the proposed lease space?
Are you enlarging a tenant space, combining suites or portions of suites? YES NO
(If yes: Which suites? )
Will you store, use, dispense, or mix flammable or combustible liquids? YES NO
(If yes: Which liquids? )
Is the building equipped with a fire sprinkler system? YES NO
Will food or beverages be manufactured, packaged, stored, distributed, sold, or prepared? YES NO
(If yes: Food Establishment Permit is required)
Will alcoholic beverages be sold for consumption on the premises? YES NO
(If yes: What is your TABC license #? )
(Contact the Planning & Development Services Dept. to apply for the City of Alamo Heights Liquor License)
Will sexually-oriented business or adult entertainment be conducted or sold on premises? YES NO
Will this facility be providing care or supervision for thirteen (13) or more unrelated
children under the age of fourteen (14) for periods of time less than 24 hours? YES NO
Is a grease trap located on the premises? YES NO
Certificates of Occupancy Fees* - Circle fee that applies to you
1) Commercial Structures (owner of property)
Single-tenant $150
" Multi-tenant $250
" Building Shell $0
2) Commercial structures: Tenants (based on occupied square footage (sf))
0 - 150 sf $50
" 151 - 500 sf $100
" 501 - 2000 sf $150
" 2001 - 10,000 sf $200
" 10,001 sf or greater $250
Multi-family properties with on-site management office or semi-public pool provided
All $100
Fees shall not be charged for any certificates of occupancy for ownership of structure/property which existed prior
to the adoption of this ordinance (April 12, 2010), or for tenants which existed prior to the adoption of this ordinance.