amended 11/26/16
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A pre-construction meeting is recommended for every project whose elements are subject to special inspections. This meeting can take
place at any time either within the City Building or on the job site.
Check Required Special Inspections Chapter 17; IBC Section 1704
Structural Welding Structural Welding
High Strength Bolting Mastic & Intumescent Coatings
Structural Concrete & Reinforced Steel Exterior Insulation & Finish System
Anchor Bolts in Concrete Expansion & Adhesive Anchors
Pre-stressed Concrete & PT Smoke Control
Shotcrete Cont. SI for Structural Welding
Masonry Structural Wood
High Load Diaphragms Cold Formed Steel Framing
Grading, Excavation, & Filling Storage Racks & Access. Floors
Driven Deep Foundations Architectural Components
Cast-in-place Deep Foundations Mech. & Elec. Components
Structural load bearing items fabricated off-site ** Other inspections as required by the Design
Professional or the Building Official
**(Note: Off-site special inspection is not required when approved by the Building Official)
amended 11/26/16
In accordance to Section 1704 of the 2015 International Building Code (IBC), the owner, or the registered design professional in responsible charge
acting as the owner’s agent, is required to hire an independent testing/inspection agency to perform required special inspections.
The design professional shall complete the attached forms and submit them to the Building Department at the time construction plans are submitted for
plan review. The special inspectors assigned to any project within the Jurisdiction shall be identified by the design professional, and certified for the
disciplines assigned.
A. Owner Responsibilities
1. The owner or the design professional in responsible charge acting as the owner’s agent shall fund special inspection services. The owner is
responsible for seeing that these requirements are met.
B. Registered Design Professional Responsibilities
1. The registered design professional in responsible charge (engineer, or architect), shall include special inspection requirements and specifications on
the plans
2. Provide structural observation Per 2015 IBC requirements and specifications on the plans.
3. Prepare the Statement of Special Inspections in accordance with IBC section 1704 and identify Structural Testing for Seismic Resistance per 2015
IBC (When required). The statement of special inspections shall identify items fabricated on the premises of an approved fabricator where special
inspections are not required.
4. Review the special inspection reports and provide corrective action for work that may not conform to the approved plans.
C. Contractor’s Responsibilities
1. Notify the agency. The contractor is responsible for notifying the inspection agency in sufficient time for scheduling personnel to perform required
2. Written statement of responsibility.
3. Provide access to City approved plans. The approved plans shall be readily accessible at the job site.
4. Provide access to work. The contractor shall provide reasonable access to all work requiring special inspection.
5. Retaining special inspection reports at the job site. The contractor is also responsible for retaining at the job site all special inspection records
submitted by the special inspector, and providing these records for review by the Building Departments inspector upon request.
6. Notify Building Department of special inspections prior to scheduled inspection time.
7. Provide a copy of special inspector’s credentials when requested by the jurisdiction.
D. Duties of the Special Inspector
1. Observe the work. The inspector shall observe the work for compliance with the approved plans, specifications, and applicable provisions of the
IBC. The architect/engineer’s reviewed shop drawings, and/or placement drawings, may be used only as an aid to inspections.
Continuous Special Inspection The full-time observation of work requiring special inspection by an approved special
inspector who is present in the area where the work is being performed.
Periodic Special Inspection The part-time or intermittent observation of work requiring special inspection by an approved special inspector
who is present in the area where the work is being performed and at the completion of the work.
2. Report non-conforming items. The inspector shall bring non-conforming items to the immediate attention of the contractor, and note all such items
in the daily report. If any item is not resolved in a timely manner and is about to be incorporated in the work, the special inspector shall immediately
notify the engineer or architect of record. Where an appropriate action is not taken by either the contractor or the engineer or architect of record to
correct the non-conforming item(s), the special inspector shall immediately notify the Building Department.
amended 11/26/16
3. Furnish daily reports. The special inspector shall complete a daily report for each day’s inspections. The daily reports shall remain at the job site
with the contractor for the Building Department’s inspector. The reports shall include the following:
a. Name of special inspector.
b. Description of the inspections, with locations and tests performed.
c. Listing any non-conforming items.
d. Include how items were resolved or unresolved.
e. List any changes or corrections to non-conforming issues authorized by the engineer, architect, or Building Departments inspectors.
4. Furnish weekly reports. The inspection agency shall furnish weekly reports of the tests and inspections performed directly to the
Building Department, project engineer, architect, and/or others as designated.
5. Furnish final report. The inspection agency shall submit a final signed report to the Building Department stating that all items requiring
special inspections and testing were fulfilled, all discrepancies were corrected or resolved, and all work requiring special inspections is in
conformance with the approved design drawings and specifications. Any items unresolved or discrepancies in coverage (i.e., missed inspections,
periodic inspections when continuous was required, etc.) shall be specifically itemized in this report.
E. Jurisdiction
The Jurisdiction will review the implementation of Structural Tests and Special Inspection requirements.
1. Review special inspections. The Building Department shall review all special inspectors and special inspection requirements found in IBC Chapter
2. Monitor special inspections. Work requiring special inspections, and the performance of special inspectors, may be monitored by the Building
Departments inspector. The Building Departments approval must be obtained prior to placement of concrete or other similar activities in addition to
that of the special inspector.
3. Issue Certificate of Occupancy. The Building Department will only issue a Certificate of Occupancy after all special inspection reports and the final
special inspection report, have been submitted and accepted.
I have read and understand my responsibilities regarding special inspections.
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