City of Columbia Parking Services - Contractor Bagging Contract
Date of Request:
Company Name:
Zip Code:
Contact Name:
Work Location:
Description of
Location and
Primary Purpose
for Bagged
Contract Exp. Date:
Price Schedule per Meter: (Daily $10/Weekly $50/Monthly $100)
Total # Meters:
Total Due:
(See Reverse for Terms and Conditions and Signature)
Terms and Conditions
All building and zoning permits have already been applied for and approved through the City
of Columbia Planning and Development Department. (Proof Required)
Any necessary encroachments have already been applied for and approved.
If spaces are intended for dumpster placement the following conditions must be met
1. Dumpster must not extend beyond space lines into driving lane
2. Dumpster must have three reflective 36” traffic cones on traffic side at all times.
Applicant assumes all public liability
Contract renewals must be made on or before the expiration date of the original agreement.
Each contract renewal will constitute a new contract. Each renewal is subject to review and is
not guaranteed.
Parking Services will not notify or remind
of pending contract expiration. If a renewal has not
been applied for and approved prior to the contract expiration date, all bags will be removed
upon the contract’s expiration.
Any citations that are received after the bags are removed are the responsibility of the
registered owner and will not be waived.
Bagged meters and their associated spaces are to be used only as described in the application.
Employee and convenience parking is not allowed.
If vehicles other than those operated by the applicant are parked at the bagged meters, the
applicant should call Parking Services at 545-4024 and request enforcement. Parking Services
will handle the violation at our discretion. Enforcement is available from 8AM to 5PM
Monday Friday only, with the exclusion of city holidays.
No applicant may have any vehicle towed or impounded at any time. Any impounds will be
made by and at the sole discretion of Parking Services.
Please sign and date below that you have read and understand the terms and conditions. Any
violation of these terms and conditions could result in the termination of the contract. No
refunds will be issued in the event the contract is terminated.
Signature_____________________________________ Date_____________
Parking Services Employee_______________________
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