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CIT 0007 (06-2019) E
Use the to find important details of each document on this Document Checklist.
Send the following documents with your application. Check each box once you have included it with your application.
Application for Canadian Citizenship - Adult (CIT 0002) application must be completed, signed and dated.
Online printout OR completed, signed and dated. Date of the
Physical Presence Calculator must be the same as the signature date of the application form.
Photocopies of biographical pages of passport and/or travel documents. All biographical pages of passports and/or travel documents covering five
(5) year eligibility period. If these documents are not in your possession, provide an explanation in question 14 on the application form. See Step 3 and
4.14 in the instruction guide. If your passport validity was extended, include a photocopy of the page(s) containing the extension stamp(s).
Photocopy of proof that demonstrates adequate knowledge of English or French (if you are 18 to 54 years of age). See Step 4.15 of the
instruction guide. If you are unable to demonstrate English or French language ability due to a medical condition, see Step 3 of the instruction guide.
Photocopy of personal identification document. The document must have your name, photo and date of birth on it. If there is information on both
sides of your personal identification documents, provide a photocopy of both sides. See Step 3 of the instruction guide. You cannot use your permanent
resident card as identification.
Two (2) citizenship photos. See Step 4 of the instruction guide or see the citizenship application photograph specification page.
Fees Receipt $630 Canadian dollars per applicant that is 18 years of age and older. Include a copy of the receipt showing the amount paid. See Step 5
of the instruction guide or learn
Document Checklist This document checklist must be included in the application.
Submit the following if any of this applies to you:
Translations If any documents are not in English or French a translation must be included with an affidavit from the translator. See Step 4 of the
instruction guide.
Completed, signed and dated and any supporting documents. See Step 4.9c of the instruction guide.
Original police certificates or clearances. A police certificate must be provided from each country, outside of Canada, where you were present (since
you were age 18) for a total of 183 days or more in a row in the four (4) years immediately before the date of your application. If you are unable to obtain
a police certificate, provide an explanation in the space provided in question 10 on the application form. Consult (Police
check) for specific and up to date information how to obtain police certificates from any country.
Original See Step 4.8 in the instruction guide.
Photocopies of Name Change documents. See Appendix A in the instruction guide.
Photocopies of Date of Birth correction documents. See Appendix B of the instruction guide.
Request form for Change of Sex or Gender Identifier. See Appendix C of the instruction guide.
Letter from a Canadian audiologist
Supporting evidence from a Canadian medical practitioner
Mail your completed application form and all requested documents, in the same envelope as all your family members applying at the same time to:
By regular mail:
Case Processing Centre - Sydney
Box 7000
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6V6
By courier:
Case Processing Centre - Sydney
49 Dorchester Street
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 5Z2
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Physical Presence Calculation
How to Calculate Physical Presence (CIT 0407)
how to pay your fees online.
Residence outside Canada form (CIT 0177)
How to get a police certificate
Use of Representative form (IMM 5476)