Pitzer College Office of the Registrar
Chosen Name Request Form
For the purposes of this document, chosen name refers to the name you prefer to be called. Your name of record at Pitzer
College is your legal name, although we recognize that your chosen name may not be your legal name. If your legal name has
changed, please contact the Registrar’s Office.
If you declare a chosen name on this form the following actions will be set into place:
1. The Registrar’s Office will add your chosen name to the student information system. Your chosen name will appear on the
MyCampus2 portal and on Sakai, including:
o Faculty class lists
o Advisee Rosters
o Your chosen name will be added, to the extent possible, to lists and rosters that are generated and distributed
Note that there are numerous databases used at the Claremont Colleges and there is no guarantee that
all communications will reflect your chosen name, and in some cases your legal name of record will also be
included on them (See #5 below).
2. The Registrar’s Office will communicate your request to the Information Technology Office and other administrative offices. If
you’ve so selected, your email account and Sakai will be updated to reflect your chosen name. Updates in the various systems
typically take up to two weeks to process. Aliases in the standard formats
will be added to our email system to reflect your chosen name. The current aliases will be maintained
so there is no interruption in mail to you. Your display name will be updated as well. Note that chosen names are limited to
alphabetical characters, hyphen (-), and space. Pitzer College reserves the right to delete a chosen name if it is used
inappropriately, such as misrepresentation or fraud.
3. If desired, you may obtain a campus ID card with your chosen name. The Registrar’s Office will communicate your request to
the Claremont Connection office.
Important considerations:
When you submit this form, the inclusion of your chosen name will remain in effect until you request otherwise. Please
remember changes may take up to two weeks to process.
Because your legal name is a permanent element of your college record and held by many offices, there may be occasions
when faculty, staff, or other individuals use your legal name instead of your chosen name. There are also purposes for
which only legal names are used, such as academic transcripts and documents related to Student Accounts and Financial
Aid. Other examples include surveys, reports, and ad hoc rosters. Every effort will be made to minimize such exceptions.
I have read the above, and hereby request that Pitzer College use my chosen name for the following (check all that apply):
Faculty class lists and advisee rosters
Email account name
ID card
Legal name (Print) Pitzer Student ID #
Chosen Name (Print) Date
Student Signature Date
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