Distinguished Alumni Award
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Purpose: CVTC’s Distinguished Alumni Award was first awarded in 1997. This is
the most prestigious award presented by CVTC. It honors outstanding alumni
who have made significant contributions to their community, college, and career.
Eligibility: Alumni who have completed a diploma or degree program at CVTC
are eligible for the award. Current CVTC Foundation and Alumni Board members
are not eligible.
Selection Criteria: Selection will be made on the basis of the following criteria:
Exhibits outstanding leadership and character
Achieved significant accomplishments in career area
Exhibits outstanding service to the community
Supports CVTC
Award Presentation: The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented each year at
the Alumni Association Spring Gala.
Nomination: Please send the completed application to CVTC Alumni Association,
620 West Clairemont Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54701 or email to alumni@cvtc.edu.
If you prefer to submit the application electronically, please complete the form on
the website page.
This event is sponsored by
CVTC Alumni Association, CVTC Foundation, and CVTC.
Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Form
Instructions: Please complete this form, supplying as much of the requested information as
possible. The nomination can be completed electronically (on the website page) or via print.
Part A
I nominate the following individual for the CVTC Distinguished Alumni Award:
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________
Home Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: _____________
Daytime Phone: (____)_____________________ Evening Phone: (____)________________________
Program: _______________________________________ Year Graduated: ______________________
Current Employer: _________________________________ Position: __________________________
Employer Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: _____________
Phone: (____)____________________________ Fax Number: (____)___________________________
Part B
Nomination submitted by:
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________
Home Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: _____________
Daytime Phone: (____)_____________________ Evening Phone: (____)________________________
How I heard about CVTC’s Distinguished Alumni Award: ____________________________________
Part C
Please respond to the following questions by filling them in electronically or on a separate sheet
of paper(s). The selection team bases its decision on the written information provided. A
complete application should address all the categories with specific examples in each.
Please note: The completed application may not exceed 2 pages or 2000 number of words.
1. Leadership: How has the nominee exhibited outstanding leadership and character in
his/her career, community, and personal life?
2. Occupation: What is the nominee’s occupational and other noteworthy
accomplishments in his/her field?
3. Community: What service(s) and contribution(s) has the nominee made to the
community through civic, charitable, business, profession, or other means?
4. Chippewa Valley Technical College: How has the nominee given support to CVTC in
terms of time, talent, or treasure? (Examples: hiring CVTC graduates, serving on an
advisory committee, monetary or in-kind contributions, etc.)
5. Other: Please provide any other information pertinent to this award nomination.
Do you want your nominee notified via a letter he/she was nominated if he/she is not
selected as the Distinguished Alumnus?
_____ YES _____ NO
If yes, may we share your name as the nominator?
_____ YES _____ NO
Thank you for your nomination. Please return the completed nomination form to: CVTC Alumni
Association, 620 West Clairemont Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54701. For questions, phone
715-858-1888 or email alumni@cvtc.edu.