Chemeketa WORKS Internship Application Form
Please complete the following form to apply for a Chemeketa WORKS internship position.
In order to send in the best application possible, we suggest that you read our “Job Search 101
Guide”. Electronic versions of the application and guide are located on the YVC website: (scroll to the bottom of page for link/directions).
Contact Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Email: (please include your Chemeketa email):
Have you served in the military and/or do you have active veteran status: y or n
-Do you have time in your schedule to commit to a 10-20 hour/week part-time internship?
-Would you be interested in a full-time internship either this term or during the summer?
-The majority of our business host sites will offer a paid, project-based internship. If
a business/agency is not able to pay, are you interested in an unpaid internship
(i.e.nonprofit organization/social services agency)? Most unpaid internships range from
6-10 hrs/week.
-Have you had any prior experience (jobs, job shadows, internships, workshops, class work)
that has helped you develop skills in your field? Please give examples of skills, projects, etc.
Please detail in your resume as well.
-Do you have access to a car or a form of transportation? If so, what distances are you willing to
travel for this internship? 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles?
-The internships are credit based (2-12 credits offered depending on project hours and host site
availability) What is your preference for number of credits? If unsure, please see your advisor
for guidance.
-For credit you must be available to attend 5 professional development workshops, an orientation
and a final on Fridays from 10 am - 12 pm. The workshops total 10hrs and will happen at
McMinnville businesses.
-Some of our host companies require employees who are over the age of 18. Are you over 18?
-Our positions require that you be legally allowed to work in the United States. Are you?
(Federal Law requires proof of identity and employment authorization for all new employees).
Positions Available
Please select the Internship Position that you are interested in. Typically, internships are part-
time and run during the standard term.
__Administrative Services
__Animal Science
__Community Development Planning
__Computer Science
__Criminal Justice/Corrections
__Design and Fabrication
__Event Management
__Fire Protection
__Food Safety/Science
__Horticulture/Landscape Design
__Hospitality/Wine Studies/Culinary Arts
__Human Services
__Information Technology
__Lab Assistant/Science/Physics
__Marketing (Sales, Social Media, Graphic Design)
__Project Management
__Psychology, Social Sciences
__Social Services/Non-profit organizations
__Other, please list:
Additional Information
In order to provide our companies with the best matches possible, please answer the following
questions in 200 words or less:
1. What is your ideal weekend? i.e. what do you do for fun?
2. What kind of people do you like to surround yourself with?
3. What motivates you?
4. At this time, you have the opportunity to provide an optional video “elevator pitch” to go
along with your application. This video should include an overview of your resume, your career
aspirations, and a little bit about yourself. Please keep videos to under 2 minutes and 25 MB.
Check out youtube, McMinnville WORKS for examples. Please email your video to
5. In the event that other internship positions are available outside of the Chemeketa
WORKS program would you like us to share your resume with them?
6. How did you hear about the Chemeketa WORKS internship program?
7. We will be offering resume/cover letter/interviewing workshops prior to the application
deadline. Did you or are you planning on attending these workshops? If so, which ones?
You may also schedule an appointment with the Internship Coordinator, Julie Miller, to review
your resume/cover letter and schedule mock interview practice. Contact with some possible dates/times to meet.
Attach Documents
We only accept Cover Letters and Resumes in PDF format. Name documents in the
following format: Last name, First name, Type. For example: Vader, Darth, Cover Letter
(Come to our office for Resume examples)
Please attach Cover Letter:
Please attach Resume:
Please sign and date this application below and scan/email to by the posted
By signing and dating, I acknowledge that the information I have
provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Signature ________________________________________________ Date_____________
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