Checklist of Musical Activities and Participation
Name: E-Mail:
street city state zip code
Phone(s): ( )
Primary Instrument/Voice Range:
Secondary Instrument(s):
High School? H S Music Director?
Private Lessons? YRS? Private Teacher’s Name:
Please place a check next to any activities that you were involved in during your high school years, and
note how long you were involved. If you play 2 (or more) instruments, please indicate which instrument
you played in each ensemble.
Orchestra YRS? VOCAL:
Chamber Orchestra YRS? Chorus YRS?
Duo, Trio, Quartet, etc YRS? Chamber Choir YRS?
Musical/Pit Orch. YRS? Show Choir YRS?
Regional Festival YRS? Glee Club YRS?
State Festival YRS? Musical/Opera Roll(s)
Summer Camp/Fest YRS? Summer Camp/Fest YRS?
Regional Festival YRS?
Marching Band YRS? Private Lessons YRS?
Orchestra YRS? Collaborative Experince:
Wind Ensemble YRS? Vocal Soloists YRS?
Brass Ensemble YRS? Ensembles YRS?
Musical/Pit Orch/Band YRS? Inst. Soloists YRS?
Regional Festival YRS? Chamber Music YRS?
State Festival YRS?
Jazz Ensemble YRS?
Summer Camp/Fest YRS?
Please list any other relevant activities not included above:
On the reverse of this form, please write a short paragraph to tell us why you would like to be a music student at
Emporia State University.
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