Checklist of Basic Documentation and/or Conditions
Wisconsin Lutheran College
Teacher Candidate: _____________________ Date Completed: ________Supervisor: ________________
Directions: During the visits for each placement, the supervisor shall observe for each of the following items and
indicate that observation with a (
) check.
Section 1: WLC Departmental Expectations
_______ Student teaching expectations/guidelines
_______ Established journal
_______ Lesson plan book/folder (for self)
_______ Lesson plan book/folder (for CT and
Section 2: Cooperating School Expectations
_______ Daily schedule
_______ Semester schedule
_______ School requirements/rules/procedures
_______ Emergency information
Section 3: Proficiency with Curriculum
_______ School curriculum guides
_______ Core standards for subject areas
_______ Grade level proficiency expectations
_______ Teachers Editions
_______ Supplementary Instructional Materials
Section 4: Lesson Preparation/Readiness
_______ Appropriate texts
_______ Workbooks
_______ Teacher prepared materials
_______ WLC lesson plan/format
_______ Class lists
_______ Attendance/Seating charts
_______ AV equipment for production
_______ Technology
_______ Information on students (particularly
exceptional needs/circumstances)
Section 5: Instructional Performance
_______ Articulated objectives
_______ Outline of procedure
_______ Physical evidence of detailed lesson plan
_______ Cooperating teacher approval of plan
_______ Evidence of student independent work
_______ Use of varied modalities
_______ Use of multiple intelligences
_______ Chalkboard use
_______ AV usage for instruction
_______ Technology for any aspect of lesson
Section 6: Evaluation of Student Growth
_______ Checked regularly for student
understanding during lesson
_______ Designed/Used formative measures
_______ Designed/Used summative measures
_______ Established a record-keeping system
_______ Recorded grades in some format
_______ Designed/Used rubrics
_______ Posted student work
_______ Utilized student journals or learning logs
_______ Utilized student portfolios/folders
_______ Participated in parent conferences or
feedback opportunities
Section 7: Positive Learning Environment
_______ Posted expectations/rules/procedures
_______ Posted class schedule
_______ Organized classroom materials
_______ Bulletin boards
_______ Appropriate seating arrangement
_______ Neat organized student Aspaces@
_______ Orderly arrival/dismissal
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