Save time, reduce paper and get paid faster. Make paperless delivery a part of your everyday
claim-related communications process — right now. It’s an important step so you’ll be ready as
UnitedHealthcare transitions to paper-free communications.
Use the checklist below to set up the paperless process that works best for your organization.
3 steps for paperless delivery
Checklist for paperless delivery
Step 1: Make sure you have access to the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal
Existing user: Already using the portal for claims and prior authorizations? You already have access to
the corresponding letters in Document Vault. If not, your Primary Administrator can adjust your role in Link
Security to give you access.
New user: Registering for the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal for the first time? Most new users can
register and gain portal access the same day, pending administrator approval. However, registration
can take up to 5–7 business days if you’re the first person registering for your organization. See the
Access and New User Registration Guide to learn how to get set up in our system.
Step 2: Find your letters and reports in Document Vault
Our self-paced user guide, Going paperless made simple, will teach you how to get the most out of
Document Vault. View the training in full or topic by topic.
For starters, we recommend you review 2 sections:
• Get Started with Document Vault – Find Letters in Document Vault
• Go Paperless and Turn Off the Mail – Best Practices Overview
Step 3: Update your paperless preferences (Password Owners only)
Your organization can go paperless at any time. No need to wait for UnitedHealthcare to announce
print-to-paperless transitions. You can even choose which items you want to receive electronically,
allowing you to create a transition schedule that works for your organization. Get started by reviewing
Paperless Delivery Options for Password Owners.
Password Owners are the only people who can update Paperless Delivery Options. If you aren’t the
Password Owner, please work with them to update paperless delivery options including:
• Turning off paper delivery for letters already found in Document Vault
• Managing electronic notifications for new letters available in Document Vault
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Additional resources, tips and training
Find your Password Owner
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Learn about our digital solutions:
For larger facilities and health systems: Application Programming Interface (API) or Electronic Data Interchange
(EDI) may be better options to exchange information with UnitedHealthcare and other payors
API Overview
EDI Overview
For all providers with portal access: TrackIt gives instant, at-a-glance prior authorization and claims status
updates. And, if needed, you can take action on them from right within TrackIt.
Some documents may not be available in Document Vault. Visit for a full list of
communications available in Document Vault. You’ll also find live and self-paced training options for Document Vault
on the page.
If you need help accessing the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal or Document Vault, please email or call UnitedHealthcare Web Support, toll-free,
at 866-842-3278, option 1, 7 a.m.‒9 p.m. CT, Monday‒Friday.