Deductions Description
Vehicle Mileage
Deduct miles driven for business.
Buy or Lease A New Car Deduct lease payments or depreciation on vehicle purchase.
Home Office Deduction
Deduct a percentage of rent, utitilies based on space used for
Real Estate Software/Apps
Deduct CRM, open house software, CMA software used for
Cellphones and Tablets
Deduct the cost of mobile devices used for business.
Office Supplies Deduct paper, pens, ink and other supplies used for business.
Virtual Assistants/Bookkeepers
The amount paid to virtual assistants and bookkeepers is
Office Rent The amount paid to rent office space, including CAM charges.
Office Equipment & Supplies Purchase of office desk, printers and computers for business.
Internet & Phone Costs
Monthly internet and phone system costs for the office are
Marketing/Advertising Costs Flyers, website, signage, business cards are tax deductible.'
Travel & Entertainment
Airfare, hotel lodging, rental car fees for business trips are
Conventions and Conferences
Registration fees to attend a convention or conferences are
Taxi or Uber Fare
Fees paid for transportation to/from the airport are deductible.
Client Meals/Entertainment Deduct up to 50% of meals/entertainment with clients.
Client Gifts ($25 or less) Deduct up to $25 per client on thank you gifts purchased.
Retirement Plan Contributions Contributions to retirement plans are tax deductible.
Desk Fees Desk fees are tax deductible.
Continuing Education(CE)
Fees paid to attend workshops and seminars for continuing
Annual Dues/Membership Fees
Fees paid to professional associations as well as your realtor
license fees.
Payments to purchase insurance to protect your business are
Legal/Professional Services Fees paid to lawyers and CPAs are tax deductible
Interest on Loans/Credit Cards
Interest paid on a business loan, line of credit or credit card are
Franchise Fees Franchise fees paid to an agency are tax deductible.
Wages/Benefits Paid To
Payroll payments made to employees are tax deductible.
Checklist: Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents