Checklist & Stacking order for closed loans
Branch Manager:
Loan Officer:
Branch Address:
Property Address:
Settlement Date:
Disbursement Date:
Purchase or Refinance:
Loan Description (Circle One): 1st Mortgage or 2nd Mortgage (Heloc or Equity Line)
Type of Property (Circle One): Single family home, Condo, Duplex, Mobile home,
Town house, Other___________________________
Stated Income: (Check One) Yes or No
Owner Occupied: (Check One) Yes or No
Investment Property: (Check One) Yes or No
Commercial Property: (Check One) Yes or No
Government Loan Type: (Check One) FHA or VA (If Applicable)
USDA FHA Streamline
___ Checklist & Stacking Order for closed loans
___ Loan Officer Commission Voucher
___ Check made payable to ANMC (Must match with HUD)
___ Copy of Appraisal Check (If Applicable)
___ HUD1 (signed & dated) (Must match with check)
___ Note
___ Cash To Close Worksheet (not signed)
___ Initial 1003 (Signed & dated all pages) and Re-Disclosed
___ Final 1003 (Signed & dated all pages)
___ Intent To Proceed
___ Good Faith Estimate (dated) (Must conform to terms of loan) Initial and Re-Disclosed
___ Good Faith Provider
___ Initial Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Statement with Itemization of Amount Financed and Re-Disclosed
___ Lender’s Final Truth-in-Lending (signed & dated) (Page 1 and 2, when available)
___ Brokerage Business Contract (All States) (original signatures for Virginia) and Re-Disclosed
___ (Final) Brokerage Business Contract (All States) (if fees/loan amount/ rate increase)
___ Borrower’s Certification and Authorization
___ Credit Score Information Disclosure
___ Credit Report
___ Equal Credit Opportunity Act or Disclosure Notices
___ Fair Lending Notice
___ Right to Receive Appraisal
___ Paid Appraisal Invoice
___ Appraisal Report
___ Appraiser’s License
___ ARM Disclosure (If applicable)
___ Patriot Act Disclosure Important Applicant Information
___ Patriot Act Borrower Identification Disclosure (include driver’s license social security card)
___ Privacy Policy Disclosure
___ Servicing Disclosure Statement & Lenders Servicing Disclosure
___ 4506-T (Tax Return Request Copy of Transcripts Page 1-2
___ Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure
___Anti-Steering Disclosure
___ W’2’s or Tax Returns (Last two years must be signed and dated by borrower(s)
___ Pay Stubs (Must be 30 days recent consecutive pay stubs)
___ VOE (Signed, Verified for two years) Employer must sign
___ Purchase Agreement (Signed & dated) (must be legible)
___ VOD or 2 months bank statements (Purchase)
___ Lender Approval
___ Mortgage payoff letter (Refinance)
State Disclosure Forms
(State Disclosures required depending on the state the property is located in)
___ Alabama Disclosure (1) also include copy of mortgage
___ California State Disclosures (13)
___ California Real Estate Agency Disclosure
___ Loan Product Choice (Colorado)
___ Colorado (11)
___ Connecticut Disclosures (5) notice of right to cancel (lender),copy of mortgage deed.
___ Delaware Disclosures (2)
___ Florida-Brokerage Business Contract (3 pages)
___ Florida-(10) ___ Florida Rate Lock from Lender (1)
___ Georgia Disclosures (2)
___ Idaho (5)
___ Illinois Disclosures (14)
___ Kentucky Disclosures (2)
___ Maryland Disclosures (5)
___ Massachusetts Disclosures (7)
___ Michigan Disclosures (1)
___ Minnesota (5)
___ Missouri (3)
___ New Hampshire (3)
___ New York Disclosures (10)
___ New York Application Log
___ North Carolina (5)
___ Ohio Disclosures (11)
___ Oregon Disclosures (4)
___ Pennsylvania Disclosures (3)
___ South Carolina Disclosures (2)
___ South Carolina Cover sheet to Borrower
___ Tennessee Disclosures (5) copy of mortgage, title policies and disbursement checks
___ Texas Disclosure (12)
___ Utah (2)
___ Virginia Disclosures (3)
___ Mortgage Broker Loan Origination Agreement (original signatures for Virginia)
___ Washington Disclosure (5)
FHA Loans: (Original signatures required)
___ FHA Purchase Agreement Addendum
___ FHA Assumption Notice
___ Borrower’s Blanket Signature Authorization
___ Energy – Efficient Mortgages Fact Sheet (If applicable)
___ Initial HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application Page 1-2
___ Final HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application Page 1-4
___ Consumer Choice Disclosure Notice (Signed & dated w/in 3 days of app)
___ Gift Letter & Copy of Gift Check, Donors Bank Statement (Purchase only)
___ FHA Notice to Home Buyers 92900-B also page 2 (signed & dated at application)
___ FHA HUD Appraised Value Disclosure
___ FHA Home Inspection (HUD 92564-CN) Radon Gas/Mold Notice (Purchase)
___ Mortgage Credit Analysis Worksheet
___ Flood Insurance Disclosure
___ FHA Identity of Interest Certification (Purchase)
___ Social Security Authorization (Bor & Co-Bor)
___ Lender Approval
___ FHA Compliance Inspection Report
___ FHA Condo Certification
___ FHA 203K Borrower’s Acknowledgment
___ FHA 203K Homeowner / Contractor Agreement
___ FHA Description of Materials
___FHA All Other Miscellaneous Disclosure
(Additional Disclosures for USDA)
___ Request for Single Family Housing Loan Guarantee (Form RD1980-21) USDA
V.A. Loans: (Original signatures required)
___ Case Number Assignment
___ Initial HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application Page 1-2
___ Final HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application* Page 1-4
___ VA Borrower Certification
___ Amendment to Contract (If applicable)
___ Certificate of Loan Disbursement (VA-26-1820) Page 1& 2
___ Debt Questionnaire (VA-26-0551)
___ Federal Collection Policy Notice (VA-26-0503)
___ Loan Analysis (VA-26-6393)
___ Loan Comparison
___ Loan Summary Sheet (VA-26-0286) Page 1 & 2
___ Rate Reduction Certification
___ Military Counseling (VA-26-0592)
___ Rate Reduction Worksheet (VA-26-8923)
___ Request for Certificate Eligibility (VA 26-1880) Page 1 & 2
___ Right of VA Loan Borrowers (VA 26-8978)
___ Transmittal List (VA-26-0285) Required
___ Verification of VA Benefits (26-8937)
___ Certificate of Eligibility
___ VA Builder Information and Certification
___ VA All other miscellaneous signed disclosures
Files are due to corporate by close of business day on Thursday. Payment will be
received on the following Friday. Files are audit within two business days and the branch
will be notified if there are corrections needed. These deficiencies must be corrected and
sent back to the corporate audit department no later than 5:00P.M. (EST) on Tuesday.
Notice: Files are not processed for payroll until the original funding check reaches