How to use this Checklist
Use this checklist when finalising your
plans and specifications to assist you to lodge a complete
application and to avoid delays in processing. Your application will be accepted based on this
check list to ensure that it has sufficient information to commence processing.
All items on this checklist must be marked (
) to show that they are either provided or are not
applicable to your project.
Later additional information may be requested during the process of your building consent to
confirm compliance with the Building Code. Processing time will be suspended until all the
information is received.
Note: If application is electronically sent, there will be a small fee for printing of application.
N/A 1 Does it shows what type of Consent has been applied for? SDC
a Have the Consent application fees been paid in full?
b Has one of the tick boxes been ticked for (Building Consent,
Amendment to Building Consent, Project Information Memo (PIM),
Building Consent using a National Multiple-Use Approval (‘Multi-
Proof’) & Staged Consent2
c If Applicable Is there copy of the National Multiple-Use Approval,
number and any other Customisations attached?
N/A 2 Does it shows what type of work is to be taken out?
a RESIDENTIAL (New dwelling, New Multi-Use approval for residential
dwelling, Garage/carport, Plumbing works, Major
alterations/additions, Minor alterations, New solid fuel burner or
b COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL (New commercial / industrial building,
Major alterations/additions, Minor alterations Seismic strengthening,
Internal fit-out only or Other and New Multi-Use approval for
commercial buildings)
N/A 3 Does it list the address of where the building work will take
a Does the application say where and if the site has any cultural,
heritage significance or is a Marae?
N/A 4 Does it list who owns the building and land
a Provide owners details and contact details.
N/A 5 Does it list who’s involved in the build?
a Designer Details.
b Architect Details.
N/A 6 Does it list the specifics of the site?
a What is the exposure zone?
b Does the proposed building work cover two or more allotments?
c. Is there likely to be any natural or created, erosion, subsidence,
flooding, slips, cut, fill, Contamination Hazards?
d Is it a sub-division?
e Are there any alterations to land contours (e.g. earthworks)?
f Are there new or altered connections to public utilities?
g Are there new or altered locations and/or external dimensions of
h Is there new or altered access for vehicles?
i Is the building work over or adjacent to any road or public place?
j Does the building work involve the disposal of storm-water or
k Is the building work over any existing drains or sewers or in close
proximity to wells or Water mains?
l Any other matters known to the applicant that may require
authorisation from the territorial authority?
N/A 7 Does it list the details of the building work?
a Show full description of the building work?
b Estimated value of the building work (including GST)?
c Show if the application is for an amendment to a building consent
and cost?
d Does it show the intended life of the building?
e Has the project been discussed with Council prior to applying?
f Does the project include Restricted Building Work?
g Is the applicant applying for Owner/Builder exemption to complete
the Restricted building work?
h Is there any Recladding?
i Does the building work involve a swimming pool, Does the plan
shows an outdoor swimming pool, or spa fencing details and Pool
Manufacturers Specification must be provided?
j Will the building work result in a change of use of the building?
N/A 8 Does the application show clauses of the building code the
building work complies?
a Have the required code clause(s) boxes been ticked that complies
with the building work?
Office Use Only - list missing code clauses here
N/A 9 Does your building work involve any Specified Systems (SS)?
a Does the building involve a cable car?
b Is a compliance schedule required as a result of the building work, is
there a list of all specified systems for the building?
c Is this an amendment to an existing compliance schedule is required
as a result of the building work, a list of all specified systems that are
N/A 10 Does your build require a fire design review?
a Certain applications for building consent must be submitted to the
Fire and Emergency New Zealand Fire Engineering Unit (FEU) for
review? section 46
N/A 11 Project Information Memorandum (PIM)
a Has a project information memorandum for the building work under
section 32 and the project information memorandum been issued?
Does the application have the attached plans required?
N/A 11 Site/Location Plan
a Two sets of plans and specifications and other documentation, no
larger A3 size.
b Accurate plan showing street name and boundary dimensions.
c Location of existing and proposed buildings; distances to boundaries,
and distances between buildings.
d Easement, public drains, and service connections (where known).
e Identification of streams and drains, and normal follow levels relative
to site datum.
f Detail dimensions of existing and proposed vehicle crossings, vehicle
access ways, the driveway gradient, and any off-street parking.
g Existing contours.
h Detail building coverage of existing and proposed buildings.
i Detail impermeable surface coverage (this includes both buildings
and paved/impermeable surfaces).
N/A 12 Elevations Plans
a North, South, East, West elevations showing original and proposed
ground levels at buildings and boundaries and current proposed use
of site.
b Relationship of finished ground level (after landscaping) relative to
floor levels.
c Dimension of openings (doors and windows)
d Specify cladding systems and roofing type and any other relevant
e Roof pitch and height to apex of building.
f Height and daylight angles.
N/A 13 Plumbing and Drainage Plans
a Nominate Plumbing/drainage design standard.
b Plumbing and drainage layout plan, including falls.
c Method of water heating system.
d Fixtures (upper level, provide layout drawing showing wastes, pipes
and falls, an isometric layout)
N/A 14 Foundation Plan
a Concrete slab design, including thickenings, reinforcing, and
shrinkage controls cuts/joints.
b Pile layout and footing design.
c Sub floor framing including bracing.
d Upper storey floor design if applicable.
e Design details of all new foundations and reinforcing
N/A 15 Floor Plan
a Complete floor plan(s) with walls/partitions, doorways, and the use of
each area.
b Smoke detectors indicated (must be within 3m of each bedroom)
N/A 16 Fire Design
a Fire rating system for all walls closer that 1m to a boundary for
dwellings and small buildings under 40m2.
b For larger accessory building (greater than 40m2) in close proximity
to boundaries.
c. Will there be a need for a memorandum from the fire service
N/A 17 Cross Section Details
a E2 Risk Matrix and weathering details.
b Wall details showing cladding, framing, insulation, linings etc.
c Roof/Wall intersection showing eaves, gutters, flashings and top
plate fixings.
d Wall / floor intersection.
e Window, door and critical intersections.
f Door and window lintel sizes.
g Truss layout with girder trusses indicated.
h Stairs, handrails and barriers.
i Decks, pergolas, veranda, porches, carports and garages.
N/A 18 Bracing Plan & Design Calculations
a Bracing details and calculations for wall and sub-floor.
b Sub floor bracing for decks projecting more than 2m from the house.
N/A 19 Specifications
a Specifications must be relevant to the particular building and to the
plans submitted. They must give a full description of the type, size
and grade of materials to be used and the method of construction.
Include Manufacturer’s Specifications for all relevant parts of the
building elements, detailing where they apply to your project. In
addition elements such as how internal moisture will be dealt with
should be included.
N/A 20
Specific Engineering Design
Design work from an engineer must have calculation and structural
drawings provided. When engineering drawings are provided from
persons other than the engineer they must be acknowledged by the
Engineer (signed) as meeting engineer design requirements.
Producer Statements only accepted from IPENZ Engineers for
Design. Others require peer review. Design Review will be accepted
from CPEng registered Engineers only.
b roof trusses, effluent disposals etc.
c Retaining walls.
d Earthworks/stability of adjacent sites and support of adjacent
e Additional Engineer inspection requirements attached.
Please sign and date below once this form has been completed. This form must accompany
your application form.
Applicant Signature:
ant Signature:
D Date:
Council BCO Signature:
ant Signature:
D Date:
N/A 21 Heating
a If a freestanding or insert wood fire is to be installed, is the location
shown on the floor plan including location in relation to windows.
b Is the land over 2 hectares
c Are all the smoke alarms within 3.0m of all bedrooms?
d Specifications for fire place - please ensure that make and Model,
hearth and flue is highlighted if the specifications show more than
one model.
e Hearth requirements or plan of existing hearth showing size.
f Seismic restraints shown. (information will be in the installation
g Flue kit specifications provided.
h Flue height in relation to roof provided plan.
i Roof Flashing type and details.
j Pipe layout plan from fire place to hot water cylinder shown.
k Valves and vents shown.
l Is a Heat Pump being installed?
N/A 22 Does the building require an Earthquake assessment to be
a Under section 133AT Alterations to buildings subject to EPB has any
of the required documentation been provided?
N/A 23 Other supporting Documentation or Plans
a This is a generic checklist for this project type. There may be other
information that About, specific to your project or site, that has not
been covered in above terms. Please list.
N/A 24 Disabled Access & Facilities
a Where required by Section 118 of the Building Act 2004. Note: This
does not apply to Private dwellings.
N/A 25 Certificate of Design Work & Restricted Work
I.e. New Dwellings, small Apartments, Structural Alterations to
a In the case of an application for a building consent that relates to
restricted building work, have the names of each licensed building
practitioner been stated, as from the time the application is made,
this will be involved in carrying out or supervising the restricted
building work that is the subject of the application.
Assigned Tech Check Officer by John Richmond is: ________________________________
Checking Officer Signature: ______________________ Date: _________________________
Is there a Conflict of interest? Y/N
Conflict of interest – any special measures required Y/N?
Give management reason in special notes section below.
Is the application for an Amendment to a Building Consent?
Process in-house or outsource
Outsource to fire engineering unit (FEU) or External specialist
Com 3 contractor
Give reason in special notes for out sourced below.
Is the site subject to the LINZ rural properties amalgamation
Certificate of title: any red flags?
If yes, give detail in notes section below
Standard or non-standard site?
Siting to boundaries level of confidence with the cadastral layer.
If low give recommended approach in notes section below
Build method: is piling required and do we need special
measures around noise/vibration
Scaffolding & stockpiling - does this impact public space?
Public mains and services: present/absent on the subject site?
Loop Bar for Double Tee
Vehicle Crossing Bond ($2500)
Office Use Only
(circle appropriate)
Building category:
Res 1 Res 2 Res 3 Com 1 Com 2 Com 3 RW
Accepted / Declined
In-house / Outsource
Tech leader / Nominated BCO
Y / N
Y / N
Y / N
Y / N
Standard / Non-standard / N/A
High / Low / N/A
Y / N
Y / N
Y / N
Y / N
Y / N
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