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Reorders of 100 checks are free and can be requested online. Log in to your account and go to Account > Online Cash Services > Checking/
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Note: ATM/Visa Debit Card cash withdrawals may not exceed $1,000 per day. ATM/Visa Debit Card merchant transactions and authorizations
may not exceed $5,000 per day. Accounts with foreign address are not eligible for checks or the Visa debit card. Foreign accounts and
accounts with foreign addresses are not eligible for the Visa debit card.
The undersigned acknowledge that they have read and agree to the Checking/Debit Card Agreement presented on the following pages. They
further agree that until this authorization is revoked in writing and received by TD Ameritrade, TD Ameritrade may charge the account of the
undersigned in the amount of all checks written by authorized users, and for all authorized card transactions. This Agreement supplements the
TD Ameritrade Client Agreement previously provided to the undersigned account owners. Undersigned further agree to hold harmless and to
fully indemnify and defend at their own cost, expense, and risk TD Ameritrade, its aliates, and their respective ocers, employees, and agents,
from any third party claim, demand, liability, loss or damage, or judgment, including costs of legal defense, which shall include attorney fees,
arising out of this Agreement excluding claims for damages resulting from the gross negligence of TD Ameritrade.
By signing this Agreement, I authorize TD Ameritrade to cancel or discontinue any other checking or debit card programs on this account.
All Account Owners and legal Power of Attorneys are required to sign this Authorization. If you wish to designate an individual who
is not an Account Owner as an Additional Check User, he/she is required to sign this form as well as to complete the Additional
Check User form. Please note, only authorized agents with Full Trading Authorization are eligible to be an Additional Check User.
Note: Funds deposited by electronic transfer are not available to be drawn against for three business days, and funds deposited by check are
not available to be drawn against for four business days.
Checking/Debit Card Application
(for nonretirement accounts)
Reset Form
TDA 1837 F 01/21
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This Agreement among the account owner(s)/authorized agents/additional users and TD Ameritrade sets forth the terms and conditions governing the
TD Ameritrade Checking and Debit Card services.
“I,” “me,” “my,” or “account owner” means each person who signs the application. “You,” “your,” or “TD Ameritrade” means TD Ameritrade, Inc., a wholly
owned subsidiary of TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation. “Bank” means TD Bank USA, N.A., a subsidiary of Toronto-Dominion Bank. “Designated Sweep
Account” means the sweep vehicle that I have designated on my account application for holding uninvested cash balances. “Brokerage Account” means
the securities brokerage account opened in my name at TD Ameritrade, Inc. and includes my Designated Sweep Account. “Checks” means checks that
are issued to me and which are drawn on my Brokerage Account. “Card” means the ATM/Visa
Debit Card that I may request to access my Brokerage
Account. “Available Cash Balance” means amounts held in my Designated Sweep Account and any additional amounts held in any other Money Market
Mutual Fund(s) included in my Brokerage Account. “Available Margin Credit” means the amount of credit TD Ameritrade may extend to me based on the
value of marginable securities held in my account. “Electronic Fund Transfer” means any transfer of funds that is initiated through an electronic terminal,
telephone, computer, magnetic tape, or where a check, draft, or similar paper instrument is used as a source of information for the purpose of ordering,
instructing, or authorizing the Bank to debit or credit my account.
I understand that I may write Checks on my Brokerage Account in U.S. dollars. I understand that my Checks are provided to me by TD Ameritrade and not
by the Bank. I understand that the Checks are drawn against my Brokerage Account, and are not drawn on an account in my name at the Bank although
they are payable through the Bank. I understand that this service is not intended as a substitute for a traditional checking account, and you reserve the right
to limit the number of Checks written. You may refuse to pay a Check or other item which: (1) is illegible; (2) is drawn in an amount greater than the amount
of funds then available for withdrawal in my Brokerage Account or which would, if paid, create an overdraft; (3) bears a duplicate Check number; (4) you
believe has been altered; (5) you believe does not bear an authorized signature. You are not required to honor any restrictive legend on Checks I write unless
you have agreed in writing to the restriction.
I agree that when I write a Check I will not date the Check in the future. If I do and the Check is presented for payment before the date of the Check, you
may either pay it or return it unpaid. I agree that if you pay the Check, the Check will be posted to my Brokerage Account on the day you pay it. I further
agree that you are not responsible for any loss to me in doing so.
In order for me to stop payment on any Check, I must notify you of the exact amount of the Check, the number, date and payee of the Check, and my
Brokerage Account number. If such notification is made orally, it will be valid for 14 days unless confirmed in writing. A written stop payment order is
eective for six months. If any information I supply you is not correct or provided to TD Ameritrade in a manner that does not provide TD Ameritrade
reasonable opportunity to stop payment of the Check, or if I do not promptly comply with a request for other reasonable information about the Check, you
will not be responsible if the Check is not stopped. I agree to review statements and imaged copies of paid Checks. I agree to report forgeries, alterations,
missing signatures, amounts diering from my records, or other information that might lead me to conclude that the Check was forged or that, when you
paid the Check, the proper amount was not paid, or it was not paid to the proper person. I will notify you as soon as possible if I think there is a problem.
Applicable law and this Agreement require me to discover and report an error in payment of a Check within specific time periods. I agree that statements
of any images of paid Checks accompanying the statement shall be deemed to be “available” to me as of the statement mailing date.
If I claim that an item was not properly payable because, for example, the item was forged or an endorsement was forged, I must cooperate with you and
with law enforcement and assist you in seeking criminal and civil penalties against the person responsible. If you or if law reinforcement requires, then I
agree to file reports and complaints with the appropriate law enforcement authorities. If you ask me, I also must give you a statement, under oath, about
the facts and circumstances relating to my claim. If I fail or refuse to do these things, you will consider that I have ratified the defect in the item and agree
that you may charge the full amount of the item to my Brokerage Account.
I agree to notify you as soon as possible if I believe there is an error, forgery, or other problem with the information shown on my statement. I agree that
Thirty (30) calendar days after you mail a statement is a reasonable amount of time for me to review my statement and report any errors, forgeries, or
other problems. In addition, I agree not to assert a claim against you concerning any error, forgery, or other problem relating to a matter shown on a
statement unless I notified you of the error, forgery or other problem within thirty (30) calendar days after you mailed me the statement. This means, for
example, that I cannot bring a lawsuit against you, even if you are at fault, for paying Checks bearing a forgery of my signature unless I reported the
forgery within thirty (30) calendar days after you mailed me the statement listing the Check you paid. For certain types of claims there are exceptions to
this 30 day notice requirement and you must notify us within the period specified by the state law applicable to your account.
You may destroy original Checks not less than thirty (30) calendar days after the statement mailing date. You will retain copies of the front and back of
the Checks on electronic media for a period of seven (7) years. During that period, you will provide an imaged copy of any paid Check on request, but
you need not do so thereafter. I agree not to make any claim against you arising out of the authorized destruction of my original Checks or the clarity or
legibility of any copy you provide.
All Checks presented for payment must be in a form supplied by or previously approved by you. You may refuse to accept any Check that does not meet
this requirement or which is incompletely or defectively drawn. Once an outstanding Check is six (6) months old, you may elect not to pay it. But if there
is no stop payment order on file when you receive the Check for payment, you may elect to pay it in good faith without consulting me. I agree that I will
use care in safeguarding my unsigned Checks against loss or theft. I agree to assume all losses that could have been prevented if I had safeguarded
unsigned (or otherwise incomplete) Checks, or had told you they were missing.
I acknowledge that the Checks issued pursuant to this Agreement are for my exclusive use, and I accordingly agree to use reasonable care to
safeguard them and limit access to them. I will not issue any Checks in excess of my Available Cash Balance or Available Margin Credit (as applicable).
Checks that would cause me to exceed the Available Cash Balances in my Brokerage Account and any Available Margin Credit may not be honored. I
acknowledge and agree that I will have sole liability for all transactions made through the use of the Checks. I also agree to pay the reasonable costs and
expenses of collection of any unpaid balance in connection with Checking including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees involved in such collection to the
extent provided by law.
I understand I may authorize a merchant or other payee to make a one-time electronic payment from my Brokerage Account using information from
my Check. My rights and responsibilities regarding errors or questions about transactions through the use of electronic checks are the same as the
applicable requirements for the use of Cards, which are discussed below.
Fees may be imposed or charged for Check reorders, stop payments, Returned Checks, and any other special services.
I agree to indemnify and hold you and your aliates harmless from and against any losses arising out of or relating to: (1) the processing, clearing,
payment, or dishonor of any Check written or authorized by me; and (2) any actions in stopping, or failing to stop, payment on a Check.
TDA 1837 F 01/21
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Debit Card
An ATM/Visa
Debit Card is provided to me at my request in order to obtain cash withdrawals from Available Cash Balances and Available Margin
Credit in my Brokerage Account at a participating network ATM. In addition, my Card may be used to pay for goods or services from any merchant that
participates in the Visa system, and I authorize you to charge against Available Cash Balances or Available Margin Credit in my Brokerage Account to
satisfy my Card transactions. I understand that this service is not intended as a substitute for a traditional checking account, and you reserve the right
to limit or eliminate my usage. I understand that regardless of the balances in my Brokerage Account on a particular day, ATM cash withdrawals may
not exceed $1,000 per day and that this limit may be lowered or increased at the sole discretion of you, and that some participating machines may
impose restrictions on the maximum amount of withdrawals per day. I understand that merchant transactions and authorizations may not exceed $5,000
per day and that this limit may be lowered or increased at your sole discretion. I understand that usage of my Card will be governed by the rights and
responsibilities set out in this Agreement and applicable state and federal laws. I understand that additional charges may apply for any cash advance
I obtain through a teller and that the Card may be canceled by you at any time without prior notice. With respect to international exchange rates, I
understand that the exchange rate between the transaction currency and the billing currency used for processing international transactions is a rate
selected by Visa from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from
the rate Visa itself receives, or the government-mandated rate in eect for the applicable central processing date, in each instance, plus or minus any
adjustment determined by the Issuer.
ATM Fee Rebate – I will not be charged fees for the use of ATMs at TD Bank locations in the U.S. and Canada. You will not charge me a fee from
withdrawing funds from any other ATM in the U.S., but the ATM operator may charge me a fee. If the ATM operator charges me a fee, you will refund
the amount of the fee I was assessed for using the ATM to withdraw cash from my Account. The refund will appear at or around the date the ATM fee is
processed. TD Ameritrade makes its best eort to identify those ATM fees eligible for rebate, but I should contact you at 800-669-3900 if I believe I am
due a rebate. You prohibit the fraudulent or excessive use of ATMs and you reserve the right to modify or discontinue the ATM fee rebate at any time.
Visa Account Updater (VAU) – My Card is automatically enrolled in VAU, an automatic account information updating service provided by Visa. When my
account information changes, TD Ameritrade will submit electronic files with my updated information to Visa, and Visa will send my updated information
to participating merchants with whom I have an ongoing payment relationship, such as recurring payments or automatic billing. This service is a
convenience, provided to me at no cost; however, I may opt-out of VAU at any time by contacting you at the phone number printed on the back of my
Card. I understand that participating in VAU does not relieve me of my obligation to ensure that merchants have correct account information on file, and
if I fail to keep my account information current it may result in a declined payment. I also understand that neither Visa nor TD Ameritrade can guarantee
that my account updates will be communicated to merchants prior to my next billing date.
If you have recurring pre-authorized Visa debit card payments made from your account(s) on a regular basis, you can request a stop payment by calling
one of our associates at 800-348-1129. To be eective, a stop payment request must be received at least three (3) business days prior to the regularly
scheduled payment date. Your stop payment request will be eective after the request has been received by TD Ameritrade and TD Ameritrade has had
a reasonable opportunity to act on it. If you order us to stop one of these payments three (3) business days or more before the transfer is scheduled and
we do not do so, we will be liable for your losses or damages.
Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Electronic Fund Transfers
Responsibilities and Liabilities – I understand that it is my responsibility to safeguard all ATM/Visa Debit Cards and Checks issued by the Bank for my account,
as well as any PINs issued to me. I understand that any individual to whom I give authorization to use a Card will remain authorized for such usage until the
Bank (through TD Ameritrade) is notified to cancel any and all Cards used by the authorized individual. I understand that if my account is a nonconsumer
account, I am liable for all ATM/Visa Debit Card activity transacted in my account and/or losses due to any and all activity covered under Regulation E.
Errors or Questions About Transactions – I will call Client Services (800-669-3900) (PCS clients can call 800-400-4078) at once if I think my statement
or transaction record is wrong or if I need more information about a transaction listed on my statement or transaction record. TD Ameritrade must hear
from me not later than 60 days after the date I’ve been sent the first statement on which the problem or error appeared. If I tell you orally, I understand
that you may require that I send you my complaint or question in writing within 10 business days to: 200 South 108 Ave, Omaha, NE 68154-2631.
“Business days” is defined as Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays.
You will need the following information: (1) my name, Brokerage Account number, and Card number; (2) a description of the error or transaction I am
unsure about, in which I will explain as clearly as I can why I believe it’s an error or why I need more information; and (3) the date and dollar amount of
the transaction or suspected error. You may also require that my letter be notarized. You will tell me the results of your investigation within 10 business
days after you hear from me and you will correct any error promptly, including any fees and interest earned. If you need more time, however, you may
take up to 45 days (90 calendar days if the transfer involved a merchant transaction or a foreign-initiated transfer) to investigate my complaint or question.
If you need more time, you will recredit my account within 10 business days for the amount I think is in error, so that I will have the use of the money
during the time it takes for you to complete your investigation. If you ask me to put my complaint or questions in writing and you do not receive it within 10
business days, you are not required to recredit my account. If you decide there was no error, you will send me a written explanation within three business
days after you complete your investigation. I may ask for copies of the documents used in your investigation.
Loss, Theft, or Unauthorized Transfers – I will tell you AT ONCE if I believe my card and/or personal identification number has been lost or stolen, or if I
believe that an electronic fund transfer has been made without my permission using information from my check. Telephoning is the best way to minimize
losses. A problem can be reported by calling Client Services at 800-669-3900.
Liability in Case of Loss, Theft, or Unauthorized Transfers – I understand that the loss, theft, or unauthorized use of my Card could cause me to lose
all of the cash assets available in my Brokerage Account and could generate a loan against my Available Margin Credit. However, if I tell you within two
business days after I learn of the loss or theft of my card and/or personal identification number, I can lose no more than $50 if someone used my card
and/or personal identification number without my permission. If I do NOT tell you within two business days after I learn of the loss or theft of my card
and/or personal identification number, and you can prove they could have stopped someone from using my card and/or personal identification number
without my permission if I had told you, I could lose as much as $500. Also, if my statement shows transfers that I did not make, including those made
by card, code, or other means, I will tell you AT ONCE. If I do not tell you within 60 days after the statement was mailed to me, I may not get back any
money I lost after the 60 days if you can prove that you could have stopped someone from taking the money if I had told you in time. If a good reason
(such as a long trip or a hospital stay) kept me from telling you, the time period may be extended.
Liability for Failure to Complete Transactions – If an electronic transfer is not completed on time or in the correct amount according to the agreements
governing this service, TD Ameritrade may be liable for resulting losses or damages. However, there are some exceptions. For instance, TD Ameritrade
TDA 1837 F 01/21
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(and the Bank) will not be liable if: (a) through no fault of yours, the amount of the transfer would exceed my Available Cash Balances or Available Margin
Credit if applicable; (b) circumstances beyond your control (such as fire or flood) prevent the transfer, despite reasonable precautions that were taken;
(c) the electronic terminal, electronic system, or cash machine was not working properly, and I knew about the breakdown when the transfer was started;
(d) the cash machine where I was obtaining cash did not have enough cash; or (e) as provided by applicable law.
Disclosure of Account Information to Third Parties – I understand that TD Ameritrade (and the Bank) may disclose information to third parties about my
account or my transactions: (1) when it’s necessary for completing transactions; (2) to verify the existence and condition of my account for a third party, such
as a credit bureau or merchant; (3) to comply with a government agency or court order, or as otherwise required by law; (4) if I give you my permission;
and (5) as otherwise authorized in this Agreement. I further understand that this information may be shared by TD Ameritrade and its aliates to determine
my eligibility for other products and services they may oer. I may opt out of such information sharing by providing you with written notification.
My Right to Receive Documentation – A summary of my Electronic Fund Transfer activity will be included in my monthly statement. I may request
additional documentation by calling Client Services.
Changes to These Rights and Responsibilities – From time to time, the rights and responsibilities in connection with electronic transfers may change.
TD Ameritrade will notify me, as required by law, of any changes; however, TD Ameritrade is not required to notify me in advance if the change is
necessary for security reasons.
Refusal to Honor Card or Checks – TD Ameritrade is not responsible for any person’s action in refusing to honor or accept my Card or Checks, or for any
person’s action in taking possession of my Card or Checks.
Payment of Items
I understand that all Brokerage Account purchase transactions, Checks that I write, and Card transactions will be accumulated daily, and charged to my
Account in any order you choose and that you will promptly pay each on my behalf to the extent that sucient funds can be provided from the Available
Cash Balance in my Brokerage Account; from other available credit balances in my Brokerage Account; and if I have been approved for margin, from
margin loans made by TD Ameritrade within the Available Margin Credit of my Brokerage Account. I understand that if any Checks that I write or any
Card transactions access my Available Margin Credit, that any such amount will be a loan by TD Ameritrade to me at the same rate TD Ameritrade
generally charges for margin loans and will be secured by securities in my Brokerage Account. I understand that any money transfers into my Brokerage
Account will not be available for withdrawal for up to four business days following the day of the transfer.
Termination of Service
I may terminate this service at any time by giving you written notice. TD Ameritrade may terminate any or all of the services provided under this
Agreement at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion. Closing an account or terminating services will not aect any rights and obligations
incurred prior to closure or termination, including my obligation to pay Card transactions, Checks, or other charges. Upon termination of service, I agree
that I will destroy all Cards and unused Checks in my possession.
Security Interest
As security for any indebtedness or obligation I have incurred to TD Ameritrade in connection with this service, I grant TD Ameritrade a security interest
in any and all securities or property held now or in the future by TD Ameritrade in any of my accounts or any other property TD Ameritrade may hold
for me. At its sole discretion without prior notice and for its sole protection, TD Ameritrade may sell or transfer money, securities, or rights to any portion
of any account to satisfy a margin deficiency or other obligation. Shares of my money market mutual fund(s) or monies in the Designated Sweep
Account (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-Insured) also are subject to a general lien for the discharge of my obligation to TD Ameritrade, and
TD Ameritrade may redeem such shares or withdraw such monies to satisfy my obligations without further notice or demand.
Brokerage Agreement
I understand and agree that I continue to remain bound by the terms and conditions of the Client Agreement which governs my Brokerage Account and that all
such terms and conditions contained in the Client Agreement, including the predispute arbitration clause in the Client Agreement, shall now also govern
this service.
Governing Law
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nebraska.
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