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Before submitting an invoice for payment, please ask:
Have I used the most current invoice form?
(If you are unsure, please either contact Pepper Flenner at 304-558-0145, or check the
Supreme Court website at , where you can click on “Court Rules and
Forms,” then “Forms,” then “Guardian ad Litem Proceedings Forms.”
If asking for mileage reimbursement, have I used the correct mileage rate?
(If you are unsure of the correct rate, you may call the receptionist at the Administrative
Office at 304-558-0145. The rate as of July 1, 2011, is $.555)
If I am requesting out-of-pocket expenses, have I attached original receipts?
(Please note that Trial Court Rule 21.06 excludes reimbursement for copying costs,
postage, long distance telephone calls and/or fees charged for invoice preparation.)
Have I requested the correct fee for my services?
(In accord with Trial Court Rule 21.06, the total fee for GAL services cannot exceed, as of
July 1, 2007 $1,200, unless the Court ordering the GAL services writes a letter to the Administrative
Director, Steven D. Canterbury, explaining why more should be permitted. The Administrative
Director will then consider increasing the fee in the particular case.)
If my address has changed since my last appointment, or I am a new “vendor,” have
I enclosed a completed W-9 form?
Have I sent my invoice to the right place?
Once you have completed your invoice, you send it to the Court that appointed you for
approval. The judge will then enter an Order Approving Payment to be entered by the circuit
clerk. The circuit clerk then sends the order and invoice to the Administrative Office of the
Supreme Court of Appeals for payment.
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As of June 1, 2007, the Family Court Services Division will be handling Guardian ad
Litem invoices. Please direct questions regarding your invoice to Pepper Flenner of the
Family Court Services Division, 304-558-0145.
Created May 2007 by Family Court Services Division