Charles E. Schell Foundation Loan Recipient
While you were a student at Transylvania University, you received a Charles E. Schell Loan. The terms agreed to
upon receipt of this loan are outlined below.
1. I will use the money for essential educational expenses only.
2. I will repay the total amount loaned me. Repayments will be returned to the principal of the
Charles E. Schell Foundation Loan Fund so that as money is loaned and repaid, it is loaned again,
thus maintaining a constant source of help for other worthy students in financial need.
3. There will be no interest on the loan.
4. I agree to notify the university of any change in mailing address, phone number, or email address.
5. I agree to discuss with the Student Accounts Specialist, upon leaving Transylvania University for
any reason, a proposed schedule of repayment. I understand this proposed schedule is morally,
but not legally, binding and should promote more prompt payment of the scholarship loan.
As stated above, there was no interest charged on your loan and you, the borrower, decide the repayment
schedule. Transylvania University asks that payment begin with a minimum monthly payment of $10.00. Your
repayment of this loan will make it possible for other students to enjoy the advantages you were given while a
student at Transylvania.
Please complete the repayment schedule below and return it to the accounting office. This will give us an idea
of when the funds will be made available to lend out again. If you would like for Transylvania to automatically
deduct your monthly payment from your bank account, please complete and return the payment authorization
form. Otherwise, please make checks payable to Transylvania University and note Schell Loan on the check.
If you would like copies of your Schell Loan promissory notes, please contact Teresa Epley at (859) 233-8150 or
I, , agree to repay my Schell Foundation Loan beginning on with
payments of $ every month. I understand that this is a proposed schedule to which I am only morally bound.
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Please return form to:
Accounting Office (100 Old Morrison), Transylvania University, 300 N. Broadway, Lexington, KY 40508
Phone (859) 233-8150, Fax (859) 281-3506, Email:
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