Change Request for __________________Term of _______________Year
This form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Dual Enrollment by the change of major deadline
posted on the Academic Calendar available at
Gwinnett Tech Student ID:________________________Print Name: ___________________________________
E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Do you have any changes on your information? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, please write the new information below.
Address ___________________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________________ Zip Code: ______________________________
County: ______________________________ Phone: ______________________________________________
Current Student Record (Changing From): Initial the box to decline this Program of Study. Complete all that apply.
Initial to
Program of Study:_____________________ Program Code:____________ Effective Term: _________________
Concentration:_______________________________ Concentration Code:_______________________________
Campus (check one): _______ Lawrenceville _______ Alpharetta-North Fulton
New Student Record (Changing To): Complete all that apply.
Program of Study:____________________________ Program Code ____________________________
Concentration:_______________________________ Concentration Code: _______________________
Campus (check one): _______ Lawrenceville _______ Alpharetta-North Fulton
I understand it is my responsibility to contact the Program Advisor for the new Program of Study for any additional
requirements and the sequence of program courses.
Classes for the upcoming term which are not required for the new major must be dropped before the change of major form
can be submitted for processing. It is the student’s responsibility to verify the course offerings for the Program of Study and
to verify they are approved Dual Enrollment courses.
I understand for college graduation I must meet the program requirements listed in the catalog effective for the term of th
proposed major change. Note: This policy also applies to students who change to/from degree, diploma or certificate or
change concentrations within the same program area.
I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my high school counselor to complete/update my Dual Enrollment funding
application to match my new schedule. Failure to do so will affect my funding and will result in being dropped from all
classes or being responsible for the full a
mount of tuition/fees.
New Student Record (Changing To): Complete all that apply.
Student Signature:_______________________________________________ Date:______________________
Gwinnett Tech DE Signature:_______________________________________ Date: _____________________
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age, or disability. A unit of the Technical College
System of Georgia.
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