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1/19/18 s:\registrar\forms\change of major and-or graduation catalog.docx
Change of Major And/Or Graduation Catalog
1. To request a new major:
a. Identify the new major name, major code, degree type, and concentration (if applicable) in the Active Majors List
i. Changing your major may impact your financial aid and/or veterans benefits
b. Enter the new major information in the Major section.
c. Regarding Limited Enrollment majors; you may use this form to declare your interest in a limited enrollment program that
you have not yet been accepted to. To do so request the appropriate general degree for your major and enter the
Concentration code for the program that you intend to apply for entry into (e.g. AAOT degree with concentration 0007 if
your intent is to enter the Nursing program).
i. Contact the department regarding application deadlines and procedures for full admission into their program.
ii. This form will not be used to place students directly in a Limited Enrollment major.
d. This form cannot be used for level changes (i.e High School, GED, or College Credit Now to degree seeking or non-
credit to credit). Students must reapply with the web application (
2. To change your catalog for graduation requirements:
a. Enter your current major information in the Major section.
b. Enter the Catalog Year under which you are requesting to graduate in the Graduation Catalog section.
i. It must be within the last 5 years and you must have attended within the last 5 years.
ii. You must not have had a break in enrollment of 2 or more years during the last 5 years.
3. Sign the form and submit it to Enrollment Services, Salem Campus, Building 2, Room 200 or your local outreach center.
a. Or scan and email the form to
Student ID (K#): Date of Birth: - -
Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
Please Print Last, First, Middle
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
Street, City, State Zip
Phone Number with Area Code: Cell Phone: __________________ Home Phone: __________________
Graduation requirements are based on a student’s catalog year. By default your catalog is set as the term you turn in this form to declare your new major. To
track your progress through your Degree Works (My Chemeketa) it is important that you declare a major as soon as possible. Students that have attended
within the last 5 years, and have not had a break in enrollment of 2 years or more during that time, can graduate under any set of major requirements (catalog
year) within the last 5 years. In consultation with your advisor, you may choose to graduate under a different catalog year than the default assigned to you
(see Active Majors list linked above for codes)
Effective Term for New Major: _____________________
(e.g. Winter 2015)
Major Title: _____________________ Major Code: _________ Degree/Certificate: _________
(e.g. General Studies) (e.g. 0044) (e.g. AGS)
Concentration (aka Limited Enrollment Program of Interest): ____________________________________
(e.g. 0007)
Graduation Catalog
Catalog Year Requested: ______________________
(e.g. 2014-2015)
Student Signature: ____________________________________________________________________