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Change of Degree or Program
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Note: If looking to complete a dual degree, please put “N/A” for Degree or Program to be Dropped”.
Faculty Advising Office:
Permission to add a degree or program must be approved by the appropriate Faculty Advising Office.
Permission is not required to drop a degree or program.
Advising Offices:
o Arts: McNally Main 214B 902-420-5437 BAadvising@smu.ca
o Sobey School of Business: Sobey 252 902-491-6532 sobey.bcomm@smu.ca
o Science: Atrium 301 902-420-5661 advisor.science@smu.ca
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Please Note:
Do not complete this form to change your major/minor/concentration.
If you are changing degrees or programs, you must declare your major(s) again.
Return completed and signed forms to the Service Centre, at service.centre@smu.ca.
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