Change of Address
Use this form if you want to update your address on your SelfWealth account. You can update your residential address and/or your mailing
address. Once completed and signed by all authorised signatories, send it to
To find this information, ensure you are logged in and have the correct portfolio selected, then click ‘Trading Account’ in the left-hand-side
menu. Your OpenMarkets ID will be displayed under ‘Account Details’.
Your residential address is used if you decide to add US trading to your portfolio and is stored at SelfWealth. PO boxes not accepted.
Your mailing address will be used as your CHESS address to register your investments. This is the address used by registries to distribute
holding updates and communications.
All account holders must sign. For company accounts, sign in accordance with the company’s constitution.
Version 1.2 18/01/2021
Your OpenMarkets ID (not your HIN)
SelfWealth Trading Account Name
NEW Residential Address
Account Holder 1 Name (Full Name) Signature
Account Holder 2 Name (Full Name)
Account Holder 3 Name (Full Name) Signature
CURRENT Mailing Address
NEW Mailing Address
Your SelfWealth Account Details
CURRENT Residential Address
Authorisation. Digital signatures are not accepted. Please ensure you sign the form with a pen.
Digital/electronic signatures are not accepted. Sign with a pen. Attach a copy of all account holders’ photo ID to verify signatures.