Chabot College Curriculum Committee Checklist for New Programs & Courses
The Curriculum Committee is working toward more timely approvals after faculty launch courses/programs in Curricunet.
We have learned that information critical to course/program development and approval is best communicated during
the very early stages of course/program development prior to Curricunet launch. For more information regarding
Curriculum standards, please review the Program and Course Approval Handbook.
1. Before launching a NEW course or program in Curricunet, please complete form.
2. Attached signed Approval Checklist to your Curricunet proposal under the Attach Supporting Docs link on the
proposal checklist. (New proposals that do not have signed Approval Checklist attached will be returned to
Course Author.)
Credit Course TOP Code____________________
Non-Credit Course TOP Code manual
re will this course fit in existing Chabot programs?
Certificate of Proficiency (8-15 units)
Certificate of Achievement (16+ units)
AA/AS Degree
ADT (Associate Degree for Transfer)
Non Credit Certificate of Competency
Non Credit Certificate of Completion
TOP Code____________________
CTE TOP Code? (TOP code designated with an asterisk in the TOP Code manual
o If your new program has a CTE TOP Code please contact the BACCC for Labor Market Data BEFORE
submitting a new program proposal into Curricunet.
o Information on how to request Labor Market data from the BACCC and additional steps you will need to
take in order to receive BACCC approval are found
How does this program meet community need or benefit Chabot students?
lease check relevant boxes:
I have met with my discipline faculty regarding new course or program proposal.
I have met with my Dean regarding new course proposal.
I have met with the Curriculum Chair regarding new program proposal (except new ADT proposals).
I have met with the Articulation Officer regarding new course proposal seeking CSU/GE Breadth/IGETC General
Education and/or UC course approval
I have met with the Articulation Officer regarding new ADT program proposals.
Signature: Date:
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