MCR20-016 05/20
Certified Historical Institutions
Small Grant Application
Fiscal Year 2020-21
Tier 1 Grant Application ($2,000 maximum) Tier 2 Grant Application ($1,000 maximum)
Name of Organization _______________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________________
City _________________________________________________________________ ZIP Code ____________________
Physical Address of Museum _________________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________ ZIP Code _________________ County ____________________
Phone _________________________________________ Email _____________________________________________
Project Contact Person ______________________________________________________________________________
Contact Phone _______________________________ Contact Email ________________________________________
PROJECT TITLE ____________________________________________________________________________________
Public Programs
Collections Management/
Audio/Video Recordings
Educational Materials
Grant amount requested: $_________________________
Application authorized by President’s name (type or print) ______________________________________________
Presidents Signature ______________________________________________________ Date ____________________
(Digital signature accepted.)
Note: Pages 2 and 3 of this application may be completed as separate documents if additional detail is required.
Email completed form to: certi
Or mail to: Arizona Historical Society | 1300 N. College Ave. | Tempe, AZ 85281
For questions, please call (480) 929-0292.
MCR20-016 05/20
Name of organization _______________________________________________________________________________
Project title _________________________________________________________________________________________
1. Description of project for which these contract funds will be used. What are the goals of the project? What product
and/or improvement is to be accomplished, and how?
2. Relevance: Why is the project important?
Certified Historical Institutions | Project Narrative
MCR20-016 05/20
Certified Historical Institutions | Project Narrative
3. Work plan: Detail the work to be done, and how volunteers and/or staff will proceed. Include a schedule or timeline, with
volunteer hours and paid hours on the project. Will the entire project be completed between September 15, 2020 and
June 30, 2021? If it is a phase of a continuing project, explain and give the expected completion date for the entire project.
4. Accountability: What measurements, other than dollars, will be used to measure the success of the project?
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