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Student Financial Services
2020-2021 Academic Year
Certification of Enrollment Status for Sibling or Spouse
Your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) indicates you have sibling(s), a spouse, or child(ren) who will be
attending college during the 2020-21 academic year. This form must be completed for each family member reported to be
in college. To be considered “in college” for the purposes of financial aid, family members must be enrolled at least half-
time in an undergraduate program at a post-secondary institution eligible to receive federal funds. Notify SFS
immediately of any changes to the educational plans of family members who were initially reported as “in college” as
adjustments to financial aid eligibility may be necessary.
Please complete this document with the information of the UD student and other “in college” family member. The bottom
section must be completed by the financial aid office where the other family member is enrolled. Submit the completed
form via My SFS Docs:
Student Information
Last Name First Name Middle Initial
Permanent Address City State ZIP
UDID Phone D.O.B. UD Email
Sibling / Spouse / Child Information
Sibling/Spouse/Child Name Student ID D.O.B.
College/University Attending 2020-21
Relation to UD Student
Dependent Child
Please note that parents of dependent students cannot be counted as “in college” for the purposes of financial assistance. If
a parent was included in the number in college reported on the FAFSA please notify SFS to make the necessary adjustments
to your file.
I authorize the above named college/university to release the following information to the University of Delaware.
Family Member Signature Date
To Be Completed by the Financial Aid Office at the Family Member’s Institution
Degree Level
Less than Half-Time
Aid Applicant Status
Not an Aid Applicant
Anticipated Graduation Date Total Budget Family Contribution (EFC)
Name / Title of Financial Aid Officer Phone Number
Signature of Financial Aid Officer Date