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Home Occupation Business Tax Receipt
Certificate of Compliance
Form # 103
Unified Land Development Code, Article 4.B.1.E.10, Home Occupation. For the current type able version of this form visit the
PBC Zoning Web Page at: http://discover.pbcgov.org/pzb/zoning/Pages/Applications-Forms.aspx
10. Home Occupation (ULDC Article 4.B.1.E.10)
a. Definition
A business, profession, occupation, trade, artisan, or handcraft conducted in a dwelling unit for commercial gain
by a resident of the unit. A Home Occupation shall not include those businesses that are open to the public
including those required by State of Florida agencies.
b. Incidental Nature
Shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to the residential use of the dwelling property.
c. Location
With the exception of outdoor instructional services, a Home Occupation shall be conducted within the principal
dwelling or off-site, and shall not be conducted within any accessory building or structure or within any open porch
or carport that is attached to and part of the principal structure. Instructional services, which by their nature must
be conducted outside of the principal structure, such as swimming lessons, shall be located in a rear or side yard.
d. No Change to Character of Dwelling
The residential character of the dwelling in terms of exterior appearance and interior space shall not be altered
or changed to accommodate a home occupation.
e. Employees
Shall be conducted by members of the immediate family residing in the dwelling unit only. A maximum of one
person who is not a member of the immediate family may assist in the operation of the home occupations at the
f. Advertising
No external evidence or sign shall advertise, display, or otherwise indicate the presence of the home occupation,
nor shall the street address of the home occupation be advertised through signs, billboards, television, radio, or
newspapers. Advertising on vehicles shall be limited to the minimum necessary to meet requirements mandated
by F.S. Chapter 489 or Chapter 67-1876 of the PBC Contractor’s Certification Division Manual.
g. Cottage Foods
No food preparation shall be allowed, except as allowed in accordance with F.S. Section 500.80 cottage food
operations, as amended.
h. On-Premise Sale of Goods and Services
A Home Occupation shall not involve the sale of any stock, trade, supplies, products, or services on the premises,
except for instructional services or incidental retail sales where the Home Occupation is a mail order or internet
i. Instructional Services
Instructional services shall meet the following additional regulations:
1) Home Instruction, Inside
Teaching which takes place inside the dwelling unit of the instructor. Typical instruction includes music
lessons and academic tutoring.
2) Home Instruction, Outside
Teaching which takes place outside the dwelling unit, on the property of the instructor. This type of instruction
is limited to subject matter which necessitates outside instruction. Typical instruction includes tennis,
swimming lessons, dog training and equestrian lessons.
3) Hours of Operation
Instruction shall occur only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. daily.
4) Number of Students
A maximum of three students at a time may be allowed to receive instruction during a lesson.
5) Parking
No more than two vehicles associated with the lessons may be allowed to be parked at the instructor's home
at any time.
6) Resident
The instruction must be conducted by a resident of the dwelling where lessons are provided. Only one
instructor may be allowed to provide instruction.
j. Home Occupation in the AR/RSA
Additional standards and approval process apply to Home Occupation with limited Landscape Service or limited
Contractor Storage Yard pursuant to Art. 4, Use Regulations.
[Ord. 2018-018]
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Home Occupation Business Tax Receipt Certificate of Compliance
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Revised 9-19-19
Form # 103
Web Issue 2019
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k. Outside Storage
No equipment or materials used in the home occupation shall be stored or displayed outside of the dwelling,
including driveways.
l. Nuisances
No Home Occupation shall involve the use of any mechanical, electrical or other equipment, materials or items
which produce noise, electrical or magnetic interference, vibration, heat, glare, smoke, dust, odor or other
nuisance outside the residential building. There shall be no storage of hazardous or noxious materials on the
site of the home occupation.
m. Violations or Hazard
If any of the above requirements are violated, or if the use, or any part thereof, is determined by the Zoning
Director to create a health or safety hazard, then the business tax receipt may be revoked.
n. Vehicles
One business related vehicle per dwelling unit not over one ton rated capacity may be parked at the home,
provided the vehicle is registered to a resident of the dwelling, commercial vehicles are prohibited.
For Instructional Services, instruction must be conducted by a resident of the dwelling where lessons are
provided. Only one instructor may be allowed to provide instruction.
I have read and understand the Palm Beach County Zoning Division Home Business Tax Receipt Certificate
of Compliance and the thresholds associated with a Home Office Use as described in this Certificate and
pursuant to the ULDC. I understand that by signing the Palm Beach County Zoning Division Home Business
Tax Receipt Certificate of Compliance, I agree to comply with the Palm Beach County ULDC provisions, as
outlined in Article 4.B.1.E.10, Home Occupation. Furthermore, I understand that the Home Business Office
is for administrative purposes only or instructional services as further defined in the ULDC, Article
Home Occupation. (Customary functions include: telephone, scheduling appointments,
bookkeeping, computer work, and home instruction). I understand that I cannot operate a limited Landscape
Services or a limited Contractor Storage Yard as a Home Occupation without Development Review Officer
(DRO) approval by the PBC Zoning Division prior to issuance of the Business Tax Receipt.
I have read and understand the above regulations for home occupation (as Administrative Offices,
Instructional Services, as specified.) I am aware of my responsibilities and liabilities for the use and
occupation of the property. I do hereby agree to abide by each of the aforesaid stipulations. I further understand
that any violation of these stipulations may result in possible Code Enforcement action.
Applicant Name: _______________________________________________________________
Business Name: _______________________________________________________________
Business Address: _____________________________________________________________
Property Control Number (PCN): __________________________________________________
Occupation: __________________________________________________________________
Signature of Applicant: _______________________________________Date_______________
It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete the most current form. Current forms are obtained by visiting:
http://discover.pbcgov.org/pzb/zoning/Pages/Applications-Forms.aspx or Contact PBC Zoning at 561-233-5200
Home Occupation Business Tax Receipt Certificate of Compliance
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Revised 9-19-19
Form # 103
Web Issue 2019
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