Certificate Regarding Public Records
Upon behalf of (Firm or Individual Bidding),
I, (Name of Person Making Certification),
being its (Title orSelf”), hereby certify an
understanding that:
1. All bids submitted in response to Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) and Requests for
Qualification (RFQ’s), documents contained within, and the details outlined on those
documents become public record upon receipt by the City Clerk’s office and opening at
the corresponding Board of Contract and Supply (BOCS) meeting.
2. The Purchasing Department and the issuing department for this RFP/RFQ have made a
conscious effort to request that sensitive/personal information be submitted directly to the
issuing department and only at request if verification of specific details is critical the
evaluation of a vendor’s bid.
3. The requested supplemental information may be crucial to evaluating bids. Failure to
provide such details may result in disqualification, or an inability to appropriately evaluate
4. If sensitive information that has not been requested is enclosed or if a bidder opts to
enclose the defined supplemental information prior to the issuing department’s request in
the bidding packet submitted to the City Clerk, the City of Providence has no obligation to
redact those details and bears no liability associated with the information becoming
public record.
5. The City of Providence observes a public and transparent bidding process. Information
required in the bidding packet may not be submitted directly to the issuing department at
the discretion of the bidder in order to protect other information, such as pricing terms,
from becoming public. Bidders who make such an attempt will be disqualified.
I affirm by signing below that I am duly authorized on behalf of Bidder, on
this day of 20 .
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