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Certificate Program Application
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The following Certificate programs are intended for undergraduate students, persons already holding degrees in any
discipline, or students with relevant work experience.
If not currently registered in an undergraduate program, please contact the Admissions Office.
o Phone: 902-420-5415 or Email: admissions@smu.ca
Form must be signed by the appropriate department head.
After the form is completed and signed, return it to the Service Centre, McNally Main 108.
Certificate Programs (Select One)
Atlantic Canada Studies*
Chinese Studies*
German Studies*
Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures*
Human Resource Management Management Option
Human Resource Management Psychology Option
Japanese Studies*
*Students majoring in the certificate discipline are not eligible for the program
I have reviewed and understand the requirements for this academic program as outlined in the Academic Calendar.
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I give permission for this student to enroll in the Certificate Program indicated above.
Department Head
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