City of Bedford
Development Department
Building Inspections
1805 L Don Dodson Dr.
Bedford, TX 76021
Phone: 817-952-2140
Fax: 817-952-2211
Business Address:
Suite #
Business Name (To be displayed on the Business and on the Certificate of Occupancy):
Total Sq. Ft.
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Sales Tax ID #:
Owner Name:
Driver’s License #, State
Owner Address:
Billing Address (Billing for Annual Fire Inspections):
Phone #:
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Is this a new business to the City of Bedford?
Type of trash service: Shared Dumpster Private Dumpster Commercial Hand Load
Will you be collecting sales tax?
Enter Sales Tax ID number in the space provided above.
Automatic sprinkler for fire protection?
If no, occupancy or sq. ft. may require fire sprinkler.
Monitored fire alarm?
If no, occupancy or sq. ft. may require fire alarm.
Will tobacco and/or vaping products be sold?
If yes, re-zoning for specific use may be required.
Will you provide massage therapy?
If yes, provide copy of the State/TDHS License.
Will there be hazardous material?
If yes, provide appropriate paperwork for the Fire Marshal.
Will you have a Grand Opening?
If yes, please provide details on separate sheet.
Will there be a permanent sign?
If yes, a permit is required.
Will there be an interceptor / grease trap ? If no, a interceptor or grease trap may be required.
Will food be prepared or served?
If yes, contact the Tarrant County Public Health Department.
Will alcohol be served?
If yes, contact City Secretary's office
Will second hand goods be sold?
If yes, re-zoning for specific use may be required.
The issuance or granting of a permit shall not be construed to be a permit for, or an approval of, any violation of any of
the provisions of this code or of any other ordinance of the City of Bedford. I have read the completed application and
know the same is true and correct and hereby agree that if a permit is issued all provisions of the City Ordinances and
State Laws will be complied with whether herein specified or not. I agree to comply with all property restrictions. I am the
owner of the property or the duly authorized agent.
Permission is hereby granted to enter the premises and make all inspections.
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Building Permit Fee $
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City of Bedford
Development Department
Building Inspections
2000 Forest Ridge Dr.
Bedford, TX 76021
Phone: 817-952-2140
Fax: 817-952-2211
Certificate of Occupancy Information
All Commercial businesses in Bedford must have a Certificate of Occupancy. This includes new business, business name
changes, new location of business, or expansion of business.
New Business, Expansion, Owner Change, Name Change:
Apply at City of Bedford for a Certificate of Occupancy permit.
$75.00 for Building Inspection fee (no utilities)
$60.00 for Fire Marshal inspection fee
$75.00 for Reconnect/Release of utilities to utility provider. *Tenant must contact utility
$210.00 Total for all of the above
You must call and apply for service (electric/gas) with a utility provider. The utility provider’s application is valid for
20 days. You must make application with each utility company to establish utility service in your name.
If you will be collecting Sales Tax a copy of your “Texas Sales and Use Permit” must be submitted with
your application.
If the place of business requires a Grease Interceptor or a backflow device for protection of the public water
system, please contact Public Works to complete all necessary documents for registration.
City of Bedford
Public Works Department 1813 Reliance Pkwy.
Bedford, TX 76021
Once your Certificate of Occupancy application is approved, the City will contact you to for final signatures and
payment to complete the permitting process.
Prior to opening the business or conducting business operations, you will be required to schedule an inspection
with the Building Inspections Division, the Fire Marshal’s office and the Tarrant County Public Health Department
(if applicable, such as a food establishment).
**Note: All furniture and fixtures must be in place prior to the inspection.
If an inspection is denied for any reason, it will be your responsibility to contact the appropriate Department/Division
such as the Building Inspections Division and/or the Fire Marshal’s office to schedule a re-inspection.
All inspections from the Building Inspections Division, Fire Marshal’s office and the Tarrant County
Public Health Department (if applicable) must be approved before operating the business.
The City will provide a copy of the inspection report indicating approval or denial.
After all inspections are complete, the permanent Certificate of Occupancy will be processed. Please indicate if
you would prefer the certificate to be mailed to you, or if you will pick it up.
Additional applications, ordinance information and requirements may be viewed at the City of Bedford Website
Inspection Division (Inspection Request Line)
Fire Marshal Office (Inspection Request)
Inspection Division Office 817-952-2140
Public Works Department
Planning and Zoning Department
Economic Development
Tarrant County Public Health Department
Tarrant County Tax Assessor
Certificate of Occupancy Check Sheet
o Business must have electrical power, prior to inspection.
o One 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher or one 2A:10BC fire extinguisher, per every 3,000 sq/ft of occupied space, is
required (unless occupied space is cut up, then more fire extinguishers may be required). Each fire
extinguisher MUST be mounted on the wall, or in a fire extinguisher cabinet (extinguisher’s gauge must not
be mounted higher than 5 feet off of the ground and the bottom of the extinguisher must not be mounted
lower than 4 inches off of the ground). The placement of fire extinguisher(s) is to be coordinated with the
Fire Marshal’s office. Fire extinguishers MUST be inspected and tagged by a licensed fire extinguisher
company. EXCEPTION: If new fire extinguisher(s) is bought from a store, we will accept a copy of the
receipt, taped to the back of each extinguisher, to count as the extinguisher’s first year’s inspection.
o All junction boxes, outlets, and light switches MUST have cover plates on them. No electrical splices
permitted to be exposed.
o Extension cord use is prohibited, unless used for temporary purposes ONLY (30 DAYS, OR LESS). If
temporarily using extension cord, it MUST be UL Listed. Extension cords cannot run through ceilings,
walls, floors, or doorways. Extension cords cannot be attached to walls or ceilings. DO NOT run power to
any major appliances, via an extension cord. Major appliances MUST be plugged directly into an outlet.
o Multi-plug adaptors (relocateable power taps) are prohibited. If multiple electrical power taps are needed,
MUST use a surge protected device, in lieu of a multi-plug adaptor. Surge protectors MUST be plugged
directly into an outlet, NOT into each other. (i.e., Daisy chaining surge protected devices is NOT permitted)
o Electrical panel(s) MUST have all circuit breakers labeled accordingly.
o Electrical panel(s) MUST have no openings, if missing breakers, install blank inserts.
o Three feet of clearance is required around electrical panels and heat sources (water heaters, furnaces, etc).
o Furniture MUST be in place, prior to inspection.
o If there are holes in the ceiling, walls, or floor, repair them appropriately. No openings permitted.
o Storage cannot be within 24 inches of the ceiling in a non-sprinkled building. In sprinkled buildings, storage
cannot be within 18 inches from the bottom of fire sprinkler heads, around entire building (18 inch Rule).
o If your business is located in a strip center, or multi-complex building, the suite address is required, on
both, the front and back door.
o The address on the front of your business SHALL be in contrasting color. The address SHALL be at least 8
inches in height and have a minimum of 1 inch stroke width. The numbers/letters SHALL be Arabic
numerals or Alphabet letters.
o Exit sign(s) and Emergency light(s) placement, if applicable, to be coordinated with the Fire Marshal’s
o ALL fire protection systems (fire alarm, fire sprinkler, suppression hood, etc) MUST be inspected by a
licensed fire protection company and have a current blue tag.
o ALL suppression hoods or vent-a-hoods MUST be clean and free of grease build-up. There SHALL be a 40
BC extinguisher within 30 feet.
o Fire lane, if required, is unobstructed, maintained, and properly striped.