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*Students are required to complete 18 credit hours with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA*
At least nine hours must be completed at the 300/400 level
Approved Elective Course List for the Conflict Analysis and Resolution Certificate
CJUS-P 330
Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJUS-P 335
Race, Gender, and Inequality in the Criminal Justice System
CMCL-S 229
Discussion and Group Methods ( Previously: SPCH-S 229)
HIST-A 301
Colonial North America, 1500-1763
HIST-A 302
Revolutionary America, 1763-1791
HIST-A 381
Civil Rights Era in the United States
HIST-B 315
Europe: Anti-Semitism, Enlightenment to the Holocaust
HIST-B 323
History of the Holocaust
HIST-B 360
Europe from Napoleon to the First World War, 1948-1945
HIST-B 361
Europe in the Twentieth Century, 1914-1945
HIST-F 341
Latin America: Conquest and Empire
HIST-F 342
Latin America: Evolution and Revolution
HIST-H 101
The World in the Twentieth Century
PHIL-P 113
Debate, Argument, and Persuasion
POLS-Y 107
Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS-Y 109
Introduction to International Relations
POLS-Y 335
West European Politics
POLS-Y 337
Latin American Politics
POLS-Y 351*
Political Simulations (1 cr.) *Repeatable two times
POLS-Y 369
Introduction to Asian Politics
POLS-Y 392
Special Topics in Political Science: Theories of Power
POLS-Y 471
SOC-S 419
Social Movements and Collective Action
SOC-R 463
Inequality and Society
SOC-S 335
Race & Ethnic Relations
Certificate Requirements (18 cr.) All courses require a grade of C- or higher
Core Course (3 cr.)
CJUS-P 313 Conflict Management
Choose Two Courses from the Following (6cr.)
BUS-M 421 Fundamentals of Negotiation
PHIL-P 140 Introduction to Ethics
PSY-P 321 Group Dynamics
SOC-R 318 The Self and Social Interaction
CMCL-C 427 Cross Cultural Communication
Choose three elective courses from the approved Elective List Below (9cr.)
Indiana University Southeast
Certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
(Fall 2017- Summer 2019)