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Certificate - Alteration of rules
Section 21 Incorporated Societies Act 1908
Society name
Society number or NZBN
1. Does this rule change include a change to the society name?
No Yes
If yes, what is the proposed society name?
The society’s name must end with the word ‘Incorporated’. The proposed name cannot be identical or deceptively similar to
that of another body corporate (such as a company or another incorporated society). If the other organisation gives its
consent to use the name, attach their written consent to this certificate as a supporting document.
We have checked that the proposed new name of the society is available.
NoteYou can check that the name you’ve chosen is available to use by using the search options provided by the
following Companies Office websites.
Search the Incorporated Societies Register
Search the Companies Register
Search our other registers
Read our online help guide on choosing a name for your society
for links to these search options.
2. Attach a copy of the rule alteration
This can either be a complete copy of the updated rules with the alterations underlined or in bold type, or a copy of the
particular rule(s) that were altered. See page 2 of this form for a checklist of what must be included in your rules.
A copy of the rule alteration(s) is attached and has been signed by 3 members of the society.
Form IS2
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Society name
Society number or NZBN
Checklist What must be included in your rules?
Section 6 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 requires that a society’s rules include the following
The name of the society (ending with the word Incorporated)
The objects for which the society is established
How people become members of the society and cease being members of the society
How meetings of the society will be called and held and how voting will take place
How officers of the society will be appointed
Control and use of the common seal
How the society’s funds will be controlled and invested
The powers (if any) that the society has to borrow money
How any property of the society will be distributed in the event of the society being wound up
How the rules of the society can be altered.
3. Certificate
This certificate must be completed by an officer of, or an authorised agent for, the society who should also sign the first page
of the alteration of rules you’re submitting.
I certify that the alteration has been made in accordance with the rules of the society.
Signature ………………………………………………………………… Date
Designation Officer or Authorised agent (Accountant/Lawyer etc)
Your contact details
Postal address:
Email address:
Telephone number: