Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning
Social Service Worker - Ontario College Diploma
Day School
Completion Date
& Mark
Online PSYC 1551
Online SSW 1582
WRIT 1582Online
Online SSWF 1080
Online SSW 1584
SSWF 1000
Lifeskills Theory COUN2584 COUN 2505
COMM 2785Online
Online COUN 2585
N/A PSYC 1501
Interviewing and Counselling
Skills I
N/A SSW 1500
Principles of Psychology
Record Keeping and Report
N/A WRIT 1502
Academic Writing for Success
COMM 1884 COMM 2715
Professional Practice in SSW N/A SSW 1504
Field Placement Preparation N/A
Program of Study 2020/2021
Communication Foundations
Students starting in the 2020/2021 academic year (September - August) must follow the Program of Study shown below.
If you began your studies prior to the 2020/2021 academic year, please contact the Centre for Professional and Part-time
Learning at 905-721-3052 or ppl@durhamcollege.ca to obtain the Program of Study that applies to your start date.
Course Name
Course Codes
Not all courses are available every semester. Please visit the Program webpage to view current course availability.
You will have 13 semesters (4 years & 1 semester) from the start date of your first course to complete this program.
Upon successfully completing the courses below and any additional program specific requirements, you may apply to
graduate by visiting the Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning Convocation webpage.
Lifeskills Practice
Tip: Monitor your progress by entering your marks and completion dates in the column provided below.
Required Courses (suggested sequence of study)
COUN 2504
COMM 1803N/A
COMM 1810
Online COMM 1884
Online COMM 1888
*Fundamental Communication
Please note the Fundamental Communication Skills (COMM1888) course is not required for students who have a high
school Grade 12 English (ENG4C, ENG4U or equivalent) final grade of 60 percent or higher
It is your responsibility to meet current course prerequisites. Note: Prerequisites may change from what is noted below.
Please visit each course information page for current prerequisite requirements.
Online COUN 2584
Major Code = SSWK Page 1 June 2020
Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning
Day School
Completion Date
& Mark
Course Name
Course Codes
Online SSW 2582
Online SSW 2581
Online SSW 2586
Online COUN 3581
Online COUN 3583
General Education Elective
3 required
Please view the General Education Elective Course List for this program.
COUN 3581
SSW 2582
COUN 1583
WRIT 1582
Online COUN 2580
Online SSW 4580
Online SSW 4581Social Justice SSW 3581 SSW 4501
Abnormal Psychology PSYC 1551 PSYC 2501
Addictions & Mental Health
Theory & Practice
SSW 4500
Social Welfare Policy N/A SSW 3501
Social Service Worker Field
Placement III & Seminar
FWK 3501
Pharmacology & Behaviour N/A SSW 3500
Development Across the
PSYC 1551 PSYC 2500
FWK 2581
COUN 3583
SSW 2582
PSYC 2580
COUN 1583
Online PSYC 2580
Online COUN 1583
Online SSW 3581
Online FWK 3581
Group Dynamics SSW 2582 COUN 3503
Social Service Worker Field
Placement II & Seminar
FWK 2501
Crisis Intervention SSW 1582 SSW 2506
Family & Family Systems SSW 2582 COUN 3501
COUN 2584
SSW 2582
FWK 1587
SSW 2581
Online FWK 2581
Interviewing and Counselling
Skills II
SSW 1582 SSW2500
Diversity & Cultural
N/A SSW 2501
SSW Field Placement I and
FWK 1507
SSW 1582
WRIT 1582
SSW 1584
Online FWK 1587
*Courses without a pre-requisite(s) can be taken at anytime during your Program of Study
Major Code = SSWK Page 2 June 2020