Central New Mexico Community College
Request for Evaluation of Prior Learning
Created: CPL 2/26/20
Students may be allowed to establish credit for courses within their program of study based on an evaluation of learning
gained through life and work experience, prior training, industry credential, and/or specialized testing. This form is only for
requesting an evaluation of prior learning that has not already been listed on the CNM Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)
Complete the below form and submit the request with documentation to Enrollment Services, Grad & Eval Office, or email
all documentation to gradeval@cnm.edu. Upon receipt of the request Enrollment Services will forward the information to
the relevant academic school(s) for evaluation. If credit is granted, the student will receive notification of the award through
their CNM email account. Awarded credit will appear on the student’s official record as transfer credit (TR).
Student Name:
CNM Email:
Phone #:
Declared Major (and concentration, if any):
Course abbreviation(s) and number(s) for courses for which you think you should earn credit based on your
prior learning:
Type of Request and Required Documentation (Please select the type of evaluation you are requesting and for
which you are including the appropriate documentation of your learning, as noted.)
Current Industry Certification or Licensure
Submit copy of certification/license, issuing agency, and expiration date, if not already listed on the credential.
Military Training
Request official transcripts from or an official Joint Service Transcript (JST) (Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps,
Navy and Reserves) and have them submitted directly to CNM, before submitting this completed form.
NOTE: Air Force submit official CCAF/Air U transcripts to CNM Grad & Eval Office for evaluation.
Workforce Training, Professional Development, Exam
Include training documents, syllabi, or handbooks that outline the learning, assessments or exam scores,
completion certificates, and/or American Council on Education (ACE) transcripts.
I confirm that I am a current CNM student with a declared major to which the requested credit will apply and that I am
using the attached documents as evidence of my prior learning. I understand that if credit is awarded, I must still complete
CNM graduation residency requirements and that the credit awarded counts toward the maximum time frame standard of
academic progress for financial aid. Further, I understand that my request for CPL will not be completed if I do not submit
documention of my learning as listed above to Enrollment Services or to gradeval@cnm.edu with this completed form.
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