Central Community College Room & Board Contract
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Contract Terms
1. The College agrees to assign accommodations in one of the residence halls and provide room and cafeteria services for the
current College year. All financial obligations must be met by the student prior to moving into the residence halls. All residents
are required to live by the rules and regulations as established in the halls and the College. Students must contract for both
room and board. Current rates are available from Student Accounts.
2. A $150.00 deposit must be submitted with this contract. If you decide not to live in the residence halls, you must notify the
Housing Office in writing by the following deadlines: Notification for the fall semester must be received by June 1
; notification
for the spring semester must be received by December 1
and notification for the summer session must be received by May 1
If you fail to notify the Housing Office by the designated dates, you will forfeit your $150.00 deposit. Resident selection is based
on the date of receipt of the completed Housing & Dining contract, $150.00 deposit, and all packet materials. Reservation
acceptance is subject to room availability.
3. Students who make arrangements for living in the residence halls obligate themselves for each semester of room fees, and four
weeks of cafeteria fees. Fees are payable at the time of registration. If a student checks out of the residence hall after the start
of the semester, he/she will not receive a refund for any of the room fees. The only exception to the refund policy is, if the
student has graduated from their program of study. In addition, no refunds will be granted for cafeteria fees unless four weeks
have elapsed. 24-hour notification must be given to the Housing Office in advance of the student’s departure. Residence halls
will be closed during the December holiday vacation period. Alternate housing during this time will be the responsibility of the
individual student. Break procedures are outlined in the Residence Hall Handbook.
4. The cafeteria offers 2 meal plans. The 14-meal plan provides meals Monday morning through Friday noon. The 19-meal plan
provides 3 meals per day Monday through Friday and brunch and an evening meal on Saturday and Sunday. Meals are not
provided during College breaks. Student ID numbers will be checked at all meals.
5. Residence hall students must be continually registered as a full time student (12 credits) and maintain Standards of Progress to
live in the residence hall.
6. Students are required to live and sleep in their assigned room.
7. All residence hall students shall furnish bedding, including mattress pad, pillow, towels, and all personal items. The College does
not accept responsibility for damage or theft of resident’s personal property regardless of the cause. It is the responsibility of
each resident to provide their own insurance coverage for damage or theft of personal property.
8. The College reserves the right to move any student to another room/residence hall, if, in the opinion of the College, the
reassignment would be beneficial to the College and all residents concerned. This includes the consolidation of those students
with double-occupancy rooms who do not have roommates and/or triple occupancy as needed.
9. Damages to the lounge and hallways where a resident is assigned are the responsibility of all residents of that area and will be
charged to all residents if the person responsible for the damage is not determined. Damages to individual rooms will be the
responsibility of the residents assigned to that room.
10. The use or possession of alcohol and/or drugs (with the exception of your physician’s prescribed medication) is strictly
prohibited in the residence halls. Violation of this College policy may result in automatic suspension from the residence hall(s) by
the College administration. In instances where state and/or federal laws are violated, the proper authorities may be notified.
11. Effective July 1, 2013, Central Community College is tobacco free. No smoking or tobacco products are allowed on campus.
Central Community College prohibits the use of all smokable products and smokeless tobacco in all buildings, facilities, and
vehicles. This action is in compliance with Nebraska R.S.S. 28-1327 and 28-1328 and rule 58 and 59 of the State Department of
I recognize my obligations as a Central Community College student to comply with the Student Handbook and the Residence Hall
Handbook. I have read, understand, and hereby agree to abide by their guidelines, as well as any regulations set up by the College and
residence halls. I agree that failure to comply with any of the requirements set forth in this contract and the above mentioned handbooks
is a material breach, giving the College the right to terminate this agreement, and bill me for all semester room charges. *My signature
indicates that I understand and agree to these terms.*
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