Centenary College of Louisiana
Repeat/Replace Course Request Form
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Course (ex. MATH 104) Term course was first taken Term course is to be repeated
By permission of the current instructor or Provost, students may repeat once any course at Centenary for which credit
has been earned to improve their grade. Hour credit toward graduation is earned only once per each course. An
exception would be courses which are permitted to be repeated for credit.
You must be registered for this course the second time before handing in this form.
The highest grade earned in a course will replace previous grades earned when calculating grade point average.
The Repeat/Replace option will affect cumulative GPA, but will not retroactively affect academic standing for
previous terms.
All grades earned in all repeated courses will appear on student transcripts. This includes the original course
WARNING: Medical schools, law schools and other graduate programs may recalculate your cumulative GPA using ALL
grades on your transcript. Therefore, while Centenary does not use the original course grade for GPA calculation, other
education institutions and potential employers may use this grade in the GPA calculation.
IMPORTANT: A Repeat/Replace request may affect financial aid and scholarship eligibility. Please contact the Financial
Aid office if you have any questions.
I understand the following conditions apply and violation of any may invalidate this request:
This is the first time I am repeating this course.
You cannot Repeat/Replace any course more than once.
This form must be submitted to the Re-Enrollment Office no later than the last day to ADD a course during the
term of the repeated course.
Once a student has graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana, said student may not Repeat/Replace any
Centenary course taken prior to the date of graduation.
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*by signing this form, I am affirming that I have read and understand Centenary’s Repeat/Replace policy.
Current Instructor Date
Provost Approval Date
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