Centenary College Probationary Period Performance Appraisal Form
Employee ________________________________________ Employment Date____________________
Probationary Period Ends ________________Title __________________________________________
Prior to the above-named employee's 90
calendar day of active service with Centenary College, we are
requesting that you complete the appraisal form. The content of the performance appraisal should be
generally discussed with the employee before it is returned to the Finance and Administration Office for
inclusion in his/her permanent record. In the event that the employee has already been terminated, please
complete this form if possible and provide a statement of the reason for termination under appraiser's
Instructions: Listed below are statements of performance which may have been observed. If you have
observed such performance by this employee, please check the appropriate response:
Never Sometimes Usually Always
1. Arrives at work on time.
2. Produces work that looks truly "professional."
3. Does extra work above and beyond supervisor's specific requests.
4. Maintains a calm and service-oriented approach with people.
5. Goes out of his/her way to learn new tasks.
6. Admits mistakes when they occur and takes constructive criticism
7. Has made substantial progress in learning assigned duties.
8. Exhibits a constructive and healthy attitude toward his/her work.
9. Demonstrates sufficient technical or job knowledge to continue on
the job.
Please indicate your degree of satisfaction with the employee's performance to date:
Extraordinary, great potential Below average, some reservations
Above average, no reservation Unacceptable performance
Acceptable and anticipate improvement
I have discussed this with the employee. He/she will be:
Retained in the position
Terminated effective _________________ Reason ________________________________________
Additional Remarks:
Signature:___________________________________________________ Date: ___________________
Return to the Finance and Administration Office.