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Student Consumer Information: Treasure Valley Community College complies with the Student-Right-to-Know Act, Campus Security/Clery Act of 1990 and Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act. For information or complete
reports concerning graduation, completion, and transfer-out rates, the annual campus security report, athletic program participation rates and  nancial support data, and the colleges policy concerning drug and alcohol
abuse prevention, please visit http://www.tvcc.cc/about_tvcc/index.cfm.
*Providing your social security number is
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www.tvcc.cc · 650 College Boulevard, Ontario, OR 97914 · (541) 881- 8822
Treasure Valley Community College is an equal opportunity educator and employer.
Center for Business, Workforce & Community Learning (CBWCL)
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__Take transferrable classes
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__Improve reading/writing/math skills
__Learn English Language
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Course # Section Course Title Credits Time Days Instructor Cost
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Persons having questions about
or requests for special needs and
accommodations should contact the
Disabilities Services Coordinator at
Treasure Valley Community College,
650 College Blvd., Ontario, OR 97914.
Telephone (541) 881-5812.
Revised 12/12/11
By signing this registration form, I agree to pay all tuition and fees applicable to the courses registered for above. Charges are subject to change at any time before the start of an academic
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actual collection costs incurred by TVCC in an attempt to collect funds due shall become a part of the unpaid principle balance and payable upon demand. When expenses, fees and collection costs
become a part of the unpaid principle balance, I understand my debt to TVCC may double. In the event legal action is instituted for the collection of this debt, the prevailing party shall be entitled
to recover, at trial and on appeal, reasonable attorney fees and costs.